Tile Saw Rental

Tile saws are essential tools for contractors. A tile saw is a stationary saw that cuts tile using a diamond-crusted blade and water. The water wets the blade to keep it cool and make the tile cuts smooth and uniform. These saws can also cut odd angles, small shapes and bevels for total accuracy. Making a detailed, accurate cut is necessary for the success of the project, so it's vital to choose a quality saw for these applications.

The Cat® Rental Store is a respected global provider of heavy equipment for rent by Caterpillar and other leading manufacturers. We can ensure you have the ideal tile cutting saw rental for your applications to help you get more work done in less time.

Our Rental Tile Saw Brands

The Cat Rental Store makes sure the rental inventory represents a wide range of equipment sizes and specifications so we have the right tool for every project. We also have various equipment brands available, stocking machinery and support equipment from the widely known Cat brand in addition to offerings from more than 70 other manufacturers. With our extensive range, you'll be able to find a tile saw rental and virtually anything else you need for your concrete project.

Get a rental tile saw from a trusted brand like Multiquip when you visit The Cat Rental Store.


Multiquip is a well-known industrial machinery manufacturer, one of the largest in its sector. The brand provides efficient, innovative solutions equipped with the latest technology and has a broad commercial reach. Multiquip manufactures equipment for the construction, aerospace, manufacturingoil and gas, and telecommunications industries. Besides tile saws, The Cat Rental Store has buggieswalk-behind sawsbucketsconcrete vibrators and ride-on power trowels from this brand.


Renting a tile saw can offer a host of benefits for your business. You'll have the flexibility to pay for equipment only when you need it, and you'll avoid maintenance and storage costs. A tile saw rental also gives you a fast way to replace a tool that's in the shop for repairs.

Are you taking on a special project that requires a tile saw? You can rent one from The Cat Rental Store, then return it when you've finished the job. If you're experiencing a sudden increase in business, renting one or more tile saws provides a quick solution for meeting the demand without falling behind schedule.


Besides carrying a full line of wet saw rentals, The Cat Rental Store provides excellent service and support. We'll help you choose the best tool for your needs and budget. You can also count on us for timely repair and maintenance service when you need it. What's more, we'll help you create a flexible rental agreement that makes sense for your company.


Give us a call at 1-800-RENT-CAT for more information, or shop our selection online and contact us to get a quote. We'll do whatever it takes to make sure you complete your project quickly, efficiently and affordably.

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