Work Tool Attachment Rentals

Would you like to upgrade the performance and productivity of your heavy equipment fleet? A work tool rental from The Cat® Rental Store can transform your one-dimensional machine into a multi-purpose workhorse that can enhance your jobsite output. With the right attachments, you can increase your equipment's versatility and get more work done in less time. These versatile additions attach to your existing equipment, like backhoe loaders, skid steers and excavators, easily and quickly. Put your existing equipment to work with attachments that open up a new world of multitasking.


We’re the best source for all your work tool attachment rental needs. Whether you need standard products like blades and buckets, or more specialized attachments like stump grinders and silage defacers, you’ll find the tools you need to get work done safely and efficiently. Our heavy equipment rental lineup includes more than 40 different categories of attachments for agriculture, construction, demolition, earthmoving, forestry, landscaping, mining, paving, power, recycling and waste applications — with dozens of options within each to fit your needs.

Top attachments include:

  • Augers: An auger uses a spiral-shaped metal shaft with a blade to cut, scrape or siphon out drilled materials.
  • Brush Hogs: A brush hog is a rotary mower designed to cut tall grass or brush with horizontal blades.
  • Forestry Mulchers: A forestry mulcher uses a rotary drum with steel teeth to clear overgrown vegetation, brush, trees and stumps.
  • Grapples: A grapple uses steel teeth to grip large, loose materials like rocks or logs and loose debris like trash left behind after demolition.
  • Hammers: A hydraulic hammer uses a durable steel head to break hard materials like asphalt, concrete and rocks.
  • Landscape Rakes: A landscape rake collects surface debris like rocks while providing a smooth, level finish for soil.
  • Stump Grinders: A stump grinder has rugged carbide-tipped teeth that convert tree stumps into mulch.
  • Tillers: A tiller uses steel tines to tear through clumps and loose earth, mix compost and fertilizers into soil, remove weeds and more.
  • Trenchers: A trencher rips into the ground using a metal chain with steel teeth to dig for irrigation, power lines and more.

When you're working on a deadline and need to get the job done, The Cat Rental Store has your back. Our local dealers will work to find your perfect attachment so you can meet your clients' expectations.


As part of the vast Cat family and dealer network, The Cat Rental Store carries a full assortment of attachments that are compatible with Cat products. These are typically low-hour units featuring the most advanced technologies available from the worldwide heavy equipment leader. When used with Cat machines equipped with quick couplers, your operators can make fast, easy attachment changes. In most cases, they won't need to leave the cab.

Operators can exchange attachments with a simple three-step process. First, the operator typically tilts the front plate forward, hooks it under the attachment and then lifts the attachment off the ground to rest it in place.

Then, the operator locks the couplers by pressing a button in the cab or manually performing the action. The last step is to connect the hydraulic hose by lining up the hose with the port and pressing it into place. 

The Cat Rental Store provides premium machines with easy mix-and-match attachments to save your team time on the job site. With Cat work tool rentals to expand your capabilities, you can focus on what matters — delivering top performance for your business.


When you work with The Cat Rental Store, you can be confident you'll get a range of solutions to meet your key requirements. Whether you're looking for skid steer attachment rentals, wheel loader attachment rentals or a range of other options, we're committed to ensuring you receive the best match for your project types and workload.

You can choose work tool attachment rentals for various Cat products. Partner with us for options like these selections.

Cat Skid Steer Attachment Rentals

Available skid steer attachment rentals include brooms, hammers, brushcutters, mulchers, snow blowers and more. From skid steer stump grinders to truss booms for rent, you have multiple options to best fit your unique needs. Our skid steer attachment rentals are versatile for everything from farming to soil transportation. 

With our rental selections available through The Cat Rental Store, you can choose from options for lightweight, medium and heavy-duty projects. Our skid steer truss booms, stump grinders, mulchers and other rentals help you adapt to changing job requirements on the go.

Cat Telehandler Attachment Rentals

Boost the productivity and versatility of your telehandlers with a material handling arm or bucket rental. Our telehandler attachments come in a range of sizes and models to match your operational requirements. Get enhanced functionality and reach with the right rental attachment for the job, equipping you to manage various work environments and needs.

Cat Excavator Attachment Rentals

You can rent attachments such as augers, hammers, rakes, thumbs and rippers to use your excavators for tasks other than digging and trenching. With our heavy-duty attachments, you can take on high-demand workloads and adapt your excavator to the task at hand. Whether you have an unexpected need or you're planning for a multi-step project, our attachment rentals can keep the job going smoothly and efficiently.

Cat Compact Track Loader Attachment Rentals

Businesses can rent more than 19 different types of track loader attachments ranging from augers, hammers and saws to snow plows, snow blowers, snow pushes and much more. With these various rental attachments, you can equip your track loader for multiple applications on the job site while maintaining productivity standards. Handle snow clearing, drilling and other tasks with a single track loader when you take advantage of the right attachment rental options.

Cat Wheel Loader Attachment Rentals

Caterpillar offers more than a dozen types of attachments for your wheel loader, including buckets, brooms, blades and rakes. Manage everything from earthmoving to cutting with attachments adaptable to the project requirements you navigate daily. You can get more value from your wheel loader with more capacity to handle different task types. Plus, you can rent short-term or long-term to adapt to work demands.

Cat Backhoe Attachment Rentals

Cat attachments can augment your backhoe with a host of features. We rent hammers, couplers, compactors and other tools to let you do more with one machine. Tackle a variety of earthmoving, compacting, drilling and other tasks with versatile attachment rentals. You'll be able to accomplish more on the job while saving time and resources when you use one of our rentals.

The Cat Rental Store will go the extra mile to walk you through the attachment rental process. The experts at any of our more than 1,300 worldwide locations can help you select the best attachments for your machine and applications.


Renting a work tool attachment can work well for your company if you're looking to perform a task that requires specialized equipment. For example, you can rent a snowplow or blower attachment for your skid steer if you need to clear roads or parking lots after a blizzard. A rental also makes sense if you suddenly gain more business and want to increase your fleet's productivity to meet the demand. And renting gives you a risk-free way to test an attachment you're thinking of buying.


Expert product selection guidance is only the beginning at The Cat Rental Store. We'll also help you choose a rental plan that fits your timeframe and budget. You can rent equipment for a few days, a week or for the long term. Rent-to-own options are also available if you'd like to buy your attachments at some point. What's more, you'll never have to worry about maintenance or repairs when you rent from us. We'll remove that burden from your shoulders. We'll even come to your job site quickly to handle emergency repairs if needed.


Rent the attachments you need from equipment professionals who will do whatever it takes. Get the process started right now by viewing our current work tool selection online. You can also call us at 1-800-RENT-CAT or contact us online for additional information and a quick quote.

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