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Rental Equipment by Industry

Different industries require many different types of equipment, so it pays to have a rental provider that can cover every need. At The Cat® Rental Store, we let you search for rental equipment by industry so you can find the right machine or work tool with ease. We offer rental equipment for several major sectors, including everything from construction and agriculture to emergency response and landscaping.

Construction Rental Equipment

Construction sites can demand many different types of equipment. Your team may be digging, excavating or transporting material all on a single site, so you'll need a variety of resources at your disposal.

We offer reliable and efficient machines to support your construction work, including skid steers, backhoes and bulldozers. The Cat Rental Store near you will provide you with quality construction equipment from the best-known brands in the industry. If you're not sure what you need, a knowledgeable, highly trained staff member will help you find the right machine for your job site. 

At The Cat Rental Store, we have a broad offering of general construction equipment that allows our teams to rent you what you need when you need it.

Agriculture Rental Equipment

Much like the construction industry, the agricultural sector involves a broad array of equipment. With options from Caterpillar and the 70-plus brands we partner with, our dealers will provide the rental machines you need for your agriculture work.

The Cat Rental Store offers telehandlers, multi terrain loaders, utility vehicles and other tools. Our staff at a store near you can help you find the right agriculture rental equipment for your operation.

Emergency Response Rental Equipment

After a natural disaster like a flood, hurricane or fire, emergency response teams are responsible for the challenging job of cleaning up and repairing the damage. At The Cat Rental Store, we know how important it is to have reliable, durable equipment to streamline the recovery process, which is why our dealers offer emergency response rental equipment.

To address one of the first priorities of emergency response, we have power generation equipment that you can use until the main power supply is restored. Our dealers also offer pressure washers, pumps and earthmoving machines to make the cleanup process more efficient.

Landscaping Rental Equipment

The best landscaping requires high-quality tools. At The Cat Rental Store, we offer a large selection of machines for use during landscaping projects. Our dealer network has offerings like compact track loaders and mini excavators so you can handle everything from laying sod to snow management.

The Cat Rental Store also provides attachments that you can use for snow blowing, cutting brush and other tasks. Our dealers help you find the landscaping rentals you need.

Use The Cat® Rental Store for All Your Industrial Machinery Needs

Search our rental equipment by industry to find machinery from 70-plus brands, then get in touch with your local Cat dealer to take advantage of a quick, convenient rental process. With over 1300 locations around the world, we provide you with safe, durable equipment no matter where you are. Find a dealer near you today to get the industrial machinery you need.

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Agriculture Rental Equipment


When you make your living by working the land, you need reliable equipment that can withstand the rigors of heavy use. For many farming and ranching operations, renting offers a convenient and cost-effective solution for acquiring machines.

Browse Agriculture Equipment
Airport Rental Equipment


The Cat Rental Store is your one-stop headquarters for rental equipment for small, municipal and regional airports to major aviation facilities.

Browse Airport Equipment
Animal Production Rental Equipment

Animal Production

At The Cat Rental Store, we display many options for rental equipment for animal production available through our worldwide dealer network. Our machinery will help you provide healthy nutrition resources and a stable environment for your livestock.

Browse Animal Production Equipment
Bridge Construction Rental Equipment

Bridge Construction

Bridge construction requires many different types of equipment — your team needs reliable products to help them make way for substructures, reach high places, pour concrete and work safely through the night.

Browse Bridge Construction Equipment
Concrete Rental Equipment


At The Cat Rental Store, we know that tasks involving concrete call for specialized tools. That's why we offer a large selection of high-quality concrete rental equipment.

Browse Concrete Equipment
Demolition Rental Equipment


At The Cat Rental Store, we help you succeed in the demolition industry with a full selection of high-quality demolition rental equipment. If you’re looking for newer, low-hour equipment that you can use with no strings attached, count on us to keep your operations running smoothly.

Browse Demolition Equipment
Dredging Rental Equipment


The Cat Rental Store is your one-stop headquarters for brand-name dredging equipment for rent at competitive rates. Find the equipment you need.

Browse Dredging Equipment
Earthmoving Rental Equipment


Earthmoving projects require quality equipment rentals that can get the job done quickly. The Cat® Rental Store dealer network has numerous equipment options available worldwide.

Browse Earthmoving Equipment
Educational Facilities Rental Equipment

Educational Facilities

The Cat® Rental Store is proud to provide facilities management rental equipment to many schools around the U.S. Our Cat dealers maintain rental fleets full of durable and reliable equipment for any maintenance, upkeep or facility improvement project.

Browse Educational Facilities Equipment
Electrical Rental Equipment


Electrical contractors utilize many different types of equipment on a daily basis. To remain competitive and deliver high-quality results, you need tools tailored to the job at hand.

Browse Electrical Equipment
Emergency Response Rental Equipment

Emergency Response

At The Cat Rental Store, we understand the importance of an organized emergency response effort. To assist communities and businesses recovering from disasters, we offer a range of emergency response rental equipment.

Browse Emergency Response Equipment
Energy Rental Equipment


We supply businesses in a wide range of industries with an assortment of energy rental equipment at affordable rates. Find the equipment you need.

Browse Energy Equipment
Environmental Rental Equipment


If your business is looking for a dependable supplier of high-quality environmental equipment, visit the nearest location of The Cat Rental Store.

Browse Environmental Equipment
Events and Entertainment Rental Equipment

Events and Entertainment

If your business is looking for a dependable supplier of high-quality events and entertainment equipment, visit the nearest location of The Cat Rental Store.

Browse Events and Entertainment Equipment
Excavation Rental Equipment


We have a wide selection of rental equipment for excavation at competitive rates and offer reliable service to maximize your customer experience.

Browse Excavation Equipment
Facilities Rental Equipment


If your business is looking for a dependable supplier of high-quality facilities equipment, visit the nearest location of The Cat Rental Store.

Browse Facilities Equipment
Fishing Rental Equipment


If your commercial fishing enterprise or fishery needs rental equipment, come to The Cat Rental Store. Our dealer network supports the fishing industry with numerous machinery options, available immediately for a timeline that fits your project.

Browse Fishing Equipment
Fluid Solutions Rental Equipment

Fluid Solutions

If your business is looking for a dependable supplier of high-quality fluid solutions equipment, visit the nearest location of The Cat Rental Store.

Browse Fluid Solutions Equipment
Forestry Rental Equipment


If you're in a business such as land management or logging, you likely need rugged equipment for performing tasks such as felling trees, clearing lots and removing stumps. For many companies, renting these machines offers a practical, convenient and affordable solution.

Browse Forestry Equipment
General Construction Rental Equipment

General Construction

Few industries place a heavier demand on equipment than construction. Whether the job is digging ditches, pouring concrete or hauling materials, it requires reliable machines that are up to the challenge.

Browse General Construction Equipment
Golf Course Rental Equipment

Golf Course

The rental equipment for golf course maintenance available through The Cat Rental Store can provide you with the equipment you need for facility upkeep while keeping costs low. Our dealers work with many golf course superintendents and facility managers and will partner with you to understand your unique requirements.

Browse Golf Course Equipment
Governmental Rental Equipment


If your organization is looking for a dependable supplier of high-quality rental equipment, visit the nearest location of The Cat Rental Store.

Browse Rental Equipment
Heavy Construction Rental Equipment

Heavy Construction

Construction work can be hard on equipment, especially when it's performing high-demand activities like digging, loading, hauling and other earthmoving tasks. For many companies, renting is the most cost-effective and practical way to quickly acquire reliable machines.

Browse Heavy Construction Equipment
Home Construction Rental Equipment

Home Construction

Home construction projects call for exceptional precision and reliability, and maintaining a well-equipped fleet is key. The Cat Rental Store helps you maximize your business’s capabilities by providing a full selection of residential construction equipment for rent.

Browse Home Construction Equipment
Hospital Rental Equipment


The Cat Rental Store is the headquarters for an assortment of rental equipment hospitals can count on when they need it the most. Learn more today.

Browse Hospital Equipment
HVAC Rental Equipment


The right heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment will ensure precise temperature control in any environment and allow you to complete work even during seasonal extremes.

Browse HVAC Equipment
Landscaping Rental Equipment


Professional landscapers need compact equipment that enables them to work in confined areas. High-quality, easy-to-use landscaping machines can help you complete tasks such as designing and building, tree installation and sod installation and irrigation.

Browse Landscaping Equipment
Lawn and Garden Rental Equipment

Lawn and Garden

A neat and healthy landscape provides the ideal scenery for any residence, business or facility. It makes your property look better and creates a great first impression for visitors. Achieving the perfect lawn or garden requires various tools and equipment for working the soil, planting shrubbery, cutting grass and other tasks.

Browse Lawn and Garden Equipment
Manufacturing Rental Equipment


At The Cat Rental Store, we understand the vital role reliable, high-quality equipment plays in industrial manufacturing operations. We also understand that manufacturers have unique power requirements, which is why we offer a range of manufacturing rental equipment options.

Browse Manufacturing Equipment
Marine Rental Equipment


We carry a wide selection of rental equipment for marine applications that will enhance performance and give you peace of mind. Learn more today.

Browse Marine Equipment
Material Transportation Rental Equipment

Material Transportation

If your business is looking for a dependable supplier of high-quality material transportation equipment, visit the nearest location of The Cat Rental Store.

Browse Material Transportation Equipment
mining equipment rental


In the mining industry, safety and efficiency are essential. Having reliable equipment on your side helps protect your budget by preventing costly mistakes and maximizing productivity.

Browse Mining Equipment
Oil and Gas Rental Equipment

Oil and Gas

If you’re looking for a more efficient way to meet your business needs in the oil and gas industry, rental equipment can offer a reliable solution. The Cat Rental Store serves this major industry by offering a selection of high-performance oil and gas rental equipment.

Browse Oil and Gas Equipment
Paving Rental Equipment


Paving is an essential process in roadwork and other types of construction projects. It requires an assortment of heavy equipment to make uneven surfaces smooth and prepare them for years of vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

Browse Paving Equipment
Pipeline Rental Equipment


If you work in the pipeline industry, you hold your team to high standards of safety and job quality every day. You need to adhere to tight deadlines and maintain productivity in some of the most demanding environments.

Browse Pipeline Equipment
rental power

Power Generation

Whatever your industry, we’re your source for temporary power—with solutions built for rental and expertise ranging from system design to operational support.

Browse Equipment & Solutions
Quarry and Aggregates Rental Equipment


Whether your quarry operation is mining aggregates or extracting dimension stone, your team needs specialized equipment to work efficiently and remain competitive.

Browse Quarry Equipment
Railroad Rental Equipment


The railroad industry dates back to the 1800s and is responsible for hauling freight between producers and customers. Railroad workers must take on many construction projects in the course of their work, including earthmoving, maintaining existing lines and installing new tracks, all of which need to be completed promptly to maximize productivity.

Browse Railroad Equipment
Real Estate Rental Equipment

Real Estate

The Cat Rental Store can make your projects easier by offering a full lineup of rental equipment for real estate needs. Get the equipment you need today.

Browse Real Estate Equipment
Rigging and Hoisting Rental Equipment

Rigging and Hoisting

If your business is looking for a dependable supplier of high-quality rigging and hoisting equipment, visit the nearest location of The Cat Rental Store.

Browse Rigging and Hosting Equipment
Road Construction Rental Equipment

Road Construction

Whether they use public transportation or personal vehicles, people rely on paved roads and highways to get where they need to be. Well-constructed and -maintained roads keep society functioning smoothly, so road construction professionals need to get the job done right.

Browse Road Construction Equipment
Roofing Rental Equipment


Roofing professionals require a wide range of equipment to work safely and efficiently — from hand-held tools to assist with roof removal and installation to heavy equipment to lift materials and people to hard-to-reach spots.

Browse Roofing Equipment
Scheduled Maintenance Rental Equipment

Scheduled Maintenance

If your business is looking for a dependable supplier of high-quality scheduled maintenance equipment, visit the nearest location of The Cat Rental Store.

Browse Scheduled Maintenance Equipment
Scrap and Recycling Rental Equipment

Scrap and Recycling

Are you looking for a way to reduce costs for your scrap and recycling business without sacrificing job quality? At The Cat Rental Store, we understand the hard work you put into your operations.

Browse Scrap and Recycling Equipment
Snow and Ice Rental Equipment

Snow and Ice

If your business is looking for a dependable supplier of high-quality snow and ice equipment, visit the nearest location of The Cat Rental Store.

Browse Snow and Ice Rental Equipment
Utilities Rental Equipment


Utility providers depend on heavy equipment to complete various duties at their work sites. The machine they use must be able to perform flawlessly in all types of conditions while keeping workers safe.

Browse Utilities Equipment
Warehousing Rental Equipment


The Cat Rental Store can improve material handling results at your facility by offering a broad selection of top-performing rental equipment for warehousing.

Browse Warehousing Equipment
Waste Management Rental Equipment

Waste Management

Waste management is a demanding industry. When you’re handling heavy loads under harsh conditions, it’s important to have access to equipment you trust. You need waste management equipment that gets the job done on time without compromising the safety of your workers.

Browse Waste Management Equipment
Water Conservation Rental Equipment

Water Treatment

Water treatment processes improve water quality for a particular use, and water conservation manages water resources. These two goals are interrelated and require access to reliable equipment that gets the job done while furthering your water treatment and conservation goals.

Browse Water Treatment Equipment