Mini Excavator Rentals

Excavators are earthmoving machines fitted with bucket attachments for digging trenches, holes and foundations. However, these large machines aren't always the right choice for smaller, more congested job sites. That's where mini excavators come in. This powerful and compact machinery can undertake all the duties of standard excavators with the added benefit of navigating narrow spaces with optimal maneuverability.

You can invest in mini excavator rentals for your job site at The Cat® Rental Store. We're dedicated to providing our customers with reliable, high-performance machinery equipped with some of the latest technologies on the market.

Micro Excavator Rentals

For light jobs in tight places, we carry a variety of micro exvactor rental options. Cat micro excavtors models range from 300 to 302 and are available with diesel or electric power to suit your job requiresments. Need to rent a micro excavator for an indoor job? We have you covered with several electric excvator rental options.


Cat mini excavators weigh between 1 and 10 metric tons. These machines combine fuel economy and a compact size to fit your job site. They are easy to transport and can maneuver in tight spaces for smaller tasks that may not require the horsepower of larger machines. 

Mini excavators typically have zero or near-zero tail swing, so they navigate obstacles with ease. They are also light on finished surfaces like sidewalks to prevent significant wear and tear. Operators commonly use these machines for tasks like digging holes or trenches in landscaping. 

These excavators are an excellent alternative to standard size equipment when a task is too small for a full-size model but too time-consuming or difficult to perform by hand. 


Cat small excavators weigh between 11 and 18 tons. This size of machine is ideal for hard-to-reach spaces that require a substantial amount of horsepower. 

These models are known for fuel efficiency and advanced hydraulic systems that let you complete big jobs at a lower cost per hour. The small excavators often have a larger tail size than the mini version, but they can still perform on somewhat congested job sites. 

Small excavators are common in several industries, including sewer repairs, indoor work, foundational repair and water line installs. In many regions, it is also possible to haul the small size excavator behind a Class 1 or Class 2 truck without the need for a commercial driver's license. 

Our Mini Excavators for Rent

Mini excavators are tracked machines with a heavy-duty arm connected to a bucket. Due to their small size, minimal weight and zero-tail-swing operation, these machines can more easily maneuver tight, crowded spaces than their full-sized counterparts. Mini excavators also exert minimal ground pressure, making them ideal for working on finished surfaces without producing track marks or ground damage.

When you come to The Cat Rental Store for mini excavator rentals, you'll have access to our extensive selection of equipment ranging from 1 to 10 metric tons. Our dependable machinery emphasizes enhanced fuel economy and compact size for greater mobility and easier transportation. These rentals are ideal for industrial jobs too small for a standard excavator but too complex to perform manually. 

Our rental mini excavators are available with net power levels between 13 and 70.3 horsepower, operating weights between 2,061 and 20,678 pounds, and digging depths of up to 183 inches.

Industry Applications of Mini Excavator Rentals

What mini excavators lack in size, they make up for in power. That's why rental mini excavators are suitable for performing a wide range of applications across numerous industries, such as:

  • Pool installations
  • Sewer line repairs
  • Landscaping
  • Small-scale demolition
  • Post-drilling
  • Tree harvesting
  • General digging
  • Trenching
  • Snow-plowing
  • Forestry
  • Agriculture
  • Plumbing
  • Irrigation
  • Job site preparation

Benefits of Rental Mini Excavators

When you source reliable and efficient mini excavators from your nearest location of The Cat Rental Store, you'll experience all the advantages of renting, such as:

  • Zero maintenance or repairs: When you rent mini excavators, you are not responsible for performing routine maintenance or repairs — your rental dealer will handle all the necessary upkeep for you. That translates to significant cost savings for your company. 
  • Project-specific use: You can choose purpose-built mini excavator rentals with unique features and capabilities to ensure you have the ideal machine for your intended applications.
  • Space savings: The more equipment you own, the more storage you need — but not with machine rentals. When you rent your mini excavators, you reduce your storage space requirements. 
  • Advanced technologies: Renting equipment from us means accessing machines with some of the most advanced technologies on the market without the upfront expenses of ownership. 
  • Try before you buy: If you're considering buying a specific machine, you can test it out first to see how it fits within your fleet.

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You can navigate tight, hard-to-reach spaces while leveraging optimal digging power with mini excavator rentals from The Cat Rental Store. We offer flexible rental terms and state-of-the-art heavy equipment that sets the standard for cost-efficiency, performance and reliability.

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