Trencher Attachment Rentals

Are you looking for a high-efficiency product that’s equipped for ditch-digging applications? If so, we’re prepared to help your organization reach its goals with our inventory of trencher attachment rentals. Suited for a wide variety of work environments and job types, our trencher attachments will provide the versatility and strength you need to finish almost any job quickly and effectively.

At The Cat® Rental Store, we prioritize the strength and durability of our equipment so each client who works with us can reduce project expenses and feel safe at their job site. Partner up with us for a fast, reliable solution that will speed up the success of your projects.

Flexible Trencher Attachment Rental Solutions

The advantage of having a high-quality trencher at your disposal is that this piece of equipment can be used to handle multiple applications. Utility companies often use our trencher attachment rentals to dig trenches or channels for underground wire and pipe installations. Attachments from The Cat Rental Store are the ideal solutions for excavation and channel-digging needs on a range of soil types and conditions.

We offer the T9B Hydraulic Side Shift and the T9B Manual Side Shift trencher attachments for utility and construction machinery. These products have a standard boom length of 48 inches and a cutting width of 6 inches. The manual side shift and hydraulic side shift attachments work for both residential and commercial projects.

If you’re unsure which trencher attachment is right for your organization, our team is available to answer questions 24 hours a day.

Trencher Attachment Rental Benefits

Some of the benefits that come with our trencher attachments include:

  • Improved functionality: When you rent a trencher attachment, you’ll be able to hook it up to other pieces of machinery such as your excavators or skid steer loaders. Why is this an advantage? Because it removes the need to use extra machinery for multiple tasks. With a trencher attachment rental, you can consolidate operations and save precious time. 
  • Increased cost-effectiveness: Enhancing job efficiency for our clients is a major part of what we do. By helping organizations finish up their projects faster while ensuring that the equipment they use delivers a strong performance, we make those projects more cost-effective and profitable.
  • Excellent performance: You can rely on our trencher attachments to deliver a solid performance in most utility projects that require basic digging and channeling. As important as it is to work on improving operational speed, we know there’s a factor that matters just as much — effectiveness. We conduct thorough inspections of our attachment rentals to make sure they’re prepared to function properly every time!

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