Bravi Platforms Rental Equipment

Bravi Platforms Rental Equipment

Mobile work platforms raise to allow workers to complete job tasks at a high height safely. Bravi Platforms was one of the first manufacturers of low-level work platforms, and their products are trusted in many industries.

Get rental equipment from Bravi Platforms at The Cat® Rental Store. Our dealer network can provide the equipment you need and terms that suit your project timeline.

About Bravi Platforms

Bravi Platforms is a mobile platform production company based in Italy. Their goal is to create products that allow crew members to work at low-level heights safely and efficiently. Bravi Platforms designed the first mobile platform and created the first hydraulic vertical mast model in the world. The company's reputation for innovation has made it a leader in the industry.

Industries for Rental Equipment From Bravi Platforms

The mobile work platforms from Bravi Platforms have a wide range of uses. They allow workers to do jobs like painting and decorating while reducing the risk of fatigue and back injuries. These platforms are also useful for mechanical contractors and electricians to access light fixtures and wiring. Other applications include construction, retail and warehousing.

Bravi Platforms Rental Equipment at The Cat® Rental Store

The dealer network associated with The Cat Rental Store has access to various Bravi Platforms rental equipment. With more than 1,300 dealerships located worldwide, your local dealer can easily source the exact model you need for the job. All of our dealers keep their Bravi Platforms rental equipment in top condition to ensure it delivers reliable performance on your work sites.

The platform rental options on our online display include:

  • Leonardo HD: This platform can maneuver through tight spaces for easy indoor access and has a full height of 16 feet.
  • He 460: The He 460 has the maneuverability of the Leonardo HD with greater height capabilities of 21.6 feet.
  • Sprint: Sprint is an order picker that lifts operators to the height they need to retrieve products from warehouse shelves.
  • Sprint TL: Sprint TL is another order picker model that can reach up to 17.5 feet and is made specifically for moving tires.
  • Spin Go: The Spin Go is a vertical lift platform designed to replace ladders. Its working height is 13.7 feet.

Advantages of Partnering With The Cat Rental Store

The Cat Rental Store is the premier provider in the rental equipment industry. When you rent your Bravi Platforms equipment from us, you will gain:

  • A short- or long-term rental agreement to meet your project timeline.
  • Access to the full fleet of rental equipment from Bravi Platforms and more than 70 other brands.
  • Maintenance and repair services from your local dealer throughout your rental period.
  • Equipment inspections before checkout to ensure your mobile work platform is ready to go.

Get Your Bravi Platforms Rental Equipment Today

The Cat Rental Store has rental equipment from Bravi Platforms to fulfill your project requirements and budget limits. Use our online display to browse rental options in your area, and call our representatives at 1-800-RENT-CAT with any questions you have. Order your rental today by locating your local dealer and requesting a quick quote.

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