Dryair Rental Equipment

When you're handling groundwork or working with produce, you need the right solutions to manage your work site's exposure to the elements. Get Dryair rental products to manage frozen ground, damp concrete, wet grain, and many other situations that may arise.

With trusted Dryair products for rent through The Cat® Rental Store dealer network, you can handle a variety of work tasks and environments with confidence. Whatever you need to get the job done, let our dealers work with you to find solutions.

History of Dryair

Founded in 1994, Dryair began with a mission to develop hydronic cooling and heating systems for various applications. Their first product launch in 1997 was an intuitive grain drying solution for the agricultural industry, and their product offerings continued to grow over the decades that followed. They have developed innovative portable heating systems to manage climate requirements for many different industries.

Today, they have international recognition for their research and technologies as they serve diverse North American and worldwide markets.

Industry Applications for Dryair Rental Equipment

Industries across market sectors use Dryair rental equipment to handle diverse needs on the job. Among the most common industry applications for Dryair equipment are these fields:

  • Oil and gas: Dryair manufactures in-tank heating systems to heat a fluid or prevent frosting throughout the year.
  • Grounds management: For any industry working with frozen earth, Dryair's heating units can efficiently heat and thaw the ground for work.
  • Agriculture: For this sector, Dryair offers several options to maximize operational productivity, including heating solutions for outbuildings and grain management systems for harvests.
  • Construction: With several portable heat exchangers and heat hose options, Dryair offers solutions to create temporary heat for work sites and buildings.

Rental Equipment From Dryair

Our dealers can help you get the equipment you need for your project from our inventory of Dryair products. The manufacturer offers a variety of options to meet your applications, and our dealers strive to maintain a comprehensive inventory of equipment for your requirements.

Dryair manufactures efficiency-boosting equipment such as:

  • Dehumidifiers: To manage environmental air moisture, Dryair's dehumidification products can handle demanding applications.
  • Portable heating units: From compact units to larger models that can thaw thousands of square feet of earth or concrete, ensure your surface is workable with the right heating options.
  • Heat exchangers: Dryair's portable fan coil heat exchangers can handle diverse climate control applications to manage your work environment.

Choose The Cat® Rental Store Network for Your Equipment Needs

At The Cat Rental Store, we have a massive dealer network and local dealers ready to meet your expectations and needs with a deep understanding of your industry and requirements. Whether you're in the construction industry, agriculture, or another market, our dealers can equip you to complete your operations more efficiently. Caterpillar is a trusted equipment provider that can help you reach your project goals with flexibility and increased capacity.

Get the Dryair rental equipment to keep your operations running at maximum productivity with advanced climate control technologies. To learn more about your Cat dealer's rental services and inventory, locate our nearest branch store and reach out to your dealer today.

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