Efficiency Production Rental Equipment

All underground or digging applications require trench shoring and shielding to prevent cave-ins and collapses to keep workers safe. Efficiency Production is the premier manufacturer of shoring equipment, and their solutions are available for rent through The Cat® Rental Store. We have various trenching equipment options from this company listed on our online display, each available at a cost-effective rental rate from your local Cat dealer.

About Efficiency Production

Efficiency Production is a company of Arcosa Shoring Products that manufactures trench shielding and shoring systems. In business since 1971, they were the first company to sell trench shields in the United States. Their systems are now the most trusted and best known for trench applications around the world. Efficiency Production has a wide selection of trench solutions, all offering a safe and cost-effective protection system for digging tasks.

Applications for Rental Equipment From Efficiency Production

The primary industry that needs trench shoring and shielding solutions is construction. Many construction sites require digging or working underground, making shoring equipment a necessity for hazardous areas. Trench safety gear is put in place temporarily to make the area safe for personnel, then removed when the project is completed. Whether your job site has a small dig for utilities or a large trench for sewer system repairs, Efficiency Production rental equipment from The Cat Rental Store covers your needs.

Our Efficiency Production Trenching and Shoring Rentals

The Cat Rental Store has several trench shoring and shielding options for rent:

  • Trench boxes: Trench boxes are used in excavation work deeper than 5 feet to prevent cave-ins. Efficiency Production trench boxes are made of steel to keep their shape when under pressure from unstable soil.
  • Slide rail systems: Slide rails are vertical sheeting and trench support for terrain incompatible with trench boxes. These systems from Efficiency Production have steel panels and vertical posts that push into the trench as it's excavated.
  • Hydraulic shoring: This shoring setup from Efficiency Production prevents cave-ins using hydraulic cylinders to apply pressure to the trench walls.

Why Rent Trench Shoring Solutions From The Cat® Rental Store?

Choose The Cat Rental Store as your partner for sourcing Efficiency Production rental equipment. We know that your success relies on ours, so we do everything we can to support your rental. Before checkout, your dealer will inspect your rental equipment to make sure it can perform its work with excellence. If your unit needs maintenance during the rental period, you can call your supplier for quick, professional service.

We know how important it is to keep your crew safe, so our rental options represent the most capable features and technology on the market. Our network also offers flexible rental terms to meet your project requirements, and short- and long-term plans are available. We have more than 1,300 dealers globally so you can find your rental solution anywhere.

Request a Quote for Your Rental Today

The Cat Rental Store has the Efficiency Production rental equipment you need to keep your team safe while working underground. Browse our rental equipment on our website, and call a representative at 1-800-RENT-CAT if you have any questions. To rent trench shoring equipment, visit your local dealer or request a quote online today.

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