Heide-Pumpen GmbH Rental Equipment

Heide-Pumpen GmbH Rental Equipment

Project sites that need liquid removal require pumping equipment to get the job done. These pumps use high motor power to pump liquid at a rate of up to hundreds of gallons a minute. Heide-Pumpen GmbH is a well-known manufacturer of pumping solutions, and their equipment is available for rent through The Cat® Rental Store and our dealer network. Get the pump you need for a competitive price anytime.

About Heide-Pumpen GmbH

Heide-Pumpen GmbH — or simply Heide-Pumpen — is a pumping equipment company based in Germany. Since its founding in 1979, the company has expanded its product line to include a variety of drainage pumps. Their offerings are continually expanding to meet new market needs. This brand is trusted worldwide for pumps that will perform reliably through constant use.

Industry Uses for Rental Equipment From Heide-Pumpen GmbH

Pumping equipment is useful for industrial, construction and municipal projects as they effectively move liquid from one place to another and are easier to use than other methods. Pumping solutions can quickly transfer the liquid to another container for it to be transported elsewhere. Applications for pump equipment include:

  • Disposal of municipality, industry, livestock and digestion tank water
  • Drainage for biogas plants
  • Disposal of industrial, wastewater and raw sewage

Our Selection of the Brand's Rental Equipment

The dealer network associated with The Cat Rental Store has many Heide-Pumpen rental products available. Our network consists of more than 1,300 dealers located worldwide, making it simple and convenient to find a Cat dealer for your rental needs.

One of the Heide-Pumpen pumps in our rental equipment inventory is the Turbo 55F. It has a maximum discharge head over 47 feet and a discharge size of nearly 4 inches. Its pumping capacity of 634 gallons per minute (GPM) will quickly remove water from the selected area. The Turbo series pumps are powerful for waste with fibers and solids.

Other Heide-Pumpen pump systems in our rental fleet include the Easy-Mix, Nautic and Easy-Sub series.

Benefits of Heide-Pumpen GmbH Rental Equipment From The Cat® Rental Store

Your local Cat dealer is your ideal partner for rental equipment from Heide-Pumpen GmbH. When you choose us, you will have a rental that is:

  • Flexible. Our dealers have short- and long-term rental agreements available to best fit your project timeline.
  • Reliable. Before you take your rental equipment to your job site, your local dealer will inspect it to ensure it is ready to perform.
  • Convenient. All our rental options have the latest technology and features to perform well. Your dealer will also be available to provide maintenance and repairs at any time.

Request a Quote for Your Rental Equipment Today

The Cat Rental Store has the Heide-Pumpen rental equipment you need to remove liquid waste from your job area. Our rentals are available at your local dealer for a competitive price. Browse the pump rental equipment on our website and call 1-800-RENT-CAT to learn more about our products. Start your rental today by locating your dealer and requesting a quote online.

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