Hilti Rental Equipment

Hilti Rental Equipment

At The Cat® Rental Store, our dealers offer a wide selection of rental products from trusted names so you can get precisely what you need for your next project. If you're looking for power tools, fasteners, grinders, or other industrial products, our dealer network can help you get the tough Hilti equipment you need for rent.

Whatever your construction or trade application, Hilti has durable tools to handle it. Work with your local Cat dealer to get the right resources for short-term projects and get the job done.

History of Hilti

Since the beginning, Hilti has been dedicated to innovation and excellence for the clients and industries they serve. With over 75 years of experience in the industry, Hilti has played a vital role in developing equipment for many different trade industries. They deliver solutions to optimize safety, productivity, and labor efficiency for contractors worldwide.

Hilti began as a small family-owned business in Liechtenstein, and today it is a respected brand across countries and continents. They invest in top-quality research and suppliers to ensure optimal performance from their products today and long into the future.

When you're looking for durable, rugged equipment for heavy-duty applications in the construction industry and beyond, Hilti rentals may be just what you need.

Industry Applications for Hilti Rental Equipment

Hilti rentals can handle many construction equipment requirements, offering the tools and resources contractors need for diverse industrial applications. Some of the ways contractors commonly use Hilti resources include:

  • Engineering: For engineering applications ranging from seismic response plans to health care industry designs, Hilti equipment provides solutions to address engineering operations' critical needs.
  • Construction automation: Heavy-duty, demanding tasks such as overhead drilling need intuitive solutions, and Hilti products offer a selection of technologies and systems available to meet that requirement.
  • Architecture: The architectural industry can depend on tough-tested Hilti products from sealants and sprays to vision glass systems to meet the field's newest trends and expectations.
  • Energy: Hilti equipment offers state-of-the-art tools and technology for industries such as mining, power generation, and oil and gas.

Rental Products From Hilti

When you need dependable Hilti rentals to get the job done, The Cat Rental Store dealer network is here to help. Our dealers will work with you to find the right solutions for your industry and application. The specific offerings your local dealer has available may vary, but they can help you meet your requirements on an individual basis.

Some of the products Hilti has available include:

  • Dust management: To maintain a safe and hygienic work environment, get the industrial-strength vacuums and cleaning options you need for the job.
  • Power tools: From cutters to hammers, grinders, and sanders, Hilti products offer various tough, high-performance products to handle your most demanding applications with efficiency and durability.
  • Measurement tools: Get precise measurements and project data with intuitive Hilti equipment built for the job.

Why Choose The Cat® Rental Store?

At The Cat Rental Store, we offer a massive dealer network and local dealers to deliver trusted solutions for all your project needs. If you have a short-term need for a project, our dealers have rentals from respected manufacturers to handle your applications. Whatever your requirements, your dealer will work with you to deliver the right equipment for the job while providing trusted Cat customer service.

To find out more about how our network can help you find Hilti rental equipment for your project, contact The Cat Rental Store in your area today.

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