Hydrema Rental Equipment

If you need a piece of earthmoving machinery that can meet last-minute job requirements, we have Hydrema rental equipment ready to work for you. The Cat® Rental Store has more than 1,300 dealers around the globe who offer flexible equipment rentals for any type of heavy-duty application.

With our wide selection of rental equipment from Hydrema, you can find the right piece of machinery for your applications. Whether you want to cut back on maintenance costs or enjoy the convenience of a local rental dealer, we have you covered.

The History of Hydrema

The Hydrema brand has made its mark on the industry as the sole provider of earthmoving equipment based in Denmark. This privately owned company started in 1959 as a manufacturer of hydraulic and heating equipment. Since then, it has moved on to developing and selling other products, such as backhoe loaders and dump trucks. Hydrema products are well-known for their reliability and versatility, continuing to meet high standards of quality and performance for hydraulic technology.

High-Performance Equipment for Earthmoving Applications

Earthmoving equipment can be used for so many types of applications. Hydrema machinery serves a variety of industries, such as construction, demolition, roadwork, landscaping and more. Whether you’re paving roads or developing land for a major project, having access to high-quality solutions gets the job done faster. Hydrema helps your business succeed with trustworthy equipment solutions. At The Cat Rental Store, we provide a quick, convenient way for you to access the brand-name machinery you need, whatever industry you serve.

Our Selection of Hydrema Rental Machinery

The Cat Rental Store maintains high-quality Hydrema rental equipment for your most complex industrial applications. Whether you place an order from our website or visit your local dealer, we’re ready to help you find the piece of equipment you’re looking for.

Currently, we have water truck rentals available from Hydrema. These trucks serve as excellent transportation assets when you need to store or distribute water at a job site. Hydrema water trucks offer high visibility and both a lower and higher tank, which hold 2,500 gallons and 4,500 gallons, respectively.

Why Choose The Cat® Rental Store?

When you partner with The Cat Rental Store, you can order Hydrema rental equipment whenever you need it. We stay up to date with the latest technology so you can maintain a competitive edge in your industry. Our dealers also prioritize compliance, ensuring every piece of equipment meets the required industry standards.

Renting Hydrema equipment helps you improve productivity without over-extending your finances. Plus, all equipment maintenance is included as part of your rental period. We also offer flexible rental terms, cost-effective options and onsite services to help support your rental. If you have any questions, reach out to your local dealer at any time for support.

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