LayMor Rental Equipment

After you finish a project, it's important to leave the site in pristine condition. Street sweepers help construction crews and contractors keep dust under control and clear away debris from construction sites, parking lots, roads and other paved areas. Whether you use a sweeper daily or only occasionally, The Cat® Rental Store has rental equipment from trusted brands like LayMor, so you can work efficiently and leave the area better than you found it.

Founded in 1977 in Seguin, Texas, LayMor has built a reputation for engineering innovative, dependable construction sweepers. Today, the company manufactures models you can use for road sweeping, parking lot sweeping, turf sweeping and more. LayMor machines consistently deliver versatility and reliable performance, making them ideal for street sweeping contractors and construction crews alike.

Ride-On and Walk-Behind Sweepers

Over the years, LayMor has manufactured a wide variety of sweeper models, all of which come with their own unique advantages. At The Cat Rental Store, we offer two types of LayMor rental equipment:

  • Ride-on sweeper rentals: Propelled by diesel engines, our ride-on LayMor construction sweepers minimize the amount of effort workers must use to clear large areas. The LayMor SM300-8 works well on gravel and oily surfaces, and the LayMor 8HC enables you to adjust the broom's down pressure to meet your needs. Both types of equipment feature a working width of 8 feet.
  • Walk-behind sweeper rentals: For maneuvering indoors and in smaller spaces, consider a walk-behind LayMor sweeper. The gasoline-powered LayMor SM200 provides 8 horsepower and a working width of 47 inches.

When choosing LayMor rental equipment, you want to find a sweeper that will address your business's challenges and perform well at your work site. If you're not sure which sweeper type will improve your team's productivity the most, our knowledgeable product experts can help you evaluate the options and select the best piece of rental equipment for your needs.

When to Consider LayMor Rental Equipment

When it comes to street sweeping equipment, contractors have the choice of renting a construction broom or making a long-term investment. Depending on your situation, rental may be significantly more cost-effective and convenient. You may consider rental equipment from LayMor when:

  • You only need a construction sweeper for a short period of time.
  • You want to save money on sweeper maintenance and storage.
  • You need a temporary replacement while a sweeper you own undergoes repairs.
  • You want to test out a piece of LayMor equipment at the job site before buying it.
  • You need to expand your sweeping capabilities quickly to tackle a big project.

Partner With The Cat® Rental Store

When you partner with The Cat Rental Store, you will receive more than LayMor rental equipment — you will receive comprehensive support throughout the rental process. We'll start by helping you select the best piece of equipment for your application. Then, we'll provide operator training, 24/7 phone support and on-site maintenance as needed to ensure you get maximum utility from your rental.

With financing options and flexible rental terms, we have the ability to serve businesses of all sizes. To get started, contact us to request a quote today.

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