Mi-T-M Corporation Rental Equipment

For high-performance, durable industrial equipment to handle a variety of heavy-duty applications, choose Mi-T-M Corporation. They deliver a broad range of dependable equipment to handle everything from pressure washing to power generation.

When you need equipment to expand your short-term operational capacity, The Cat® Rental Store dealer network is here to help. Our dealers offer a wide selection of rental products at a location near you to equip you for the job. Work with our network to get the solutions you need for your applications.

History of Mi-T-M Corporation

Founded in Peosta, Iowa, in 1971, Mi-T-M produces high-quality products for heavy-duty industrial needs in several sectors. They are committed to delivering exceptional performance, value, and dependability for every application. The company implements innovative technologies such as ASME robotic welders and laser cutters for precise, high-quality production.

Today, clients trust Mi-T-M equipment for industrial solutions across the United States. Mi-T-M is a certified testing facility with 23 production lines. Their wide selection of products can fit your operational requirements.

Industry Applications for Mi-T-M Corporation Rental Equipment

Many industries require the tough, powerful applications Mi-T-M has to offer. To power their operations and ensure optimal productivity, a broad range of facilities in different fields can use these equipment offerings.

The most common industries using these systems include:

  • Manufacturing: Air compressors, pressure washers, and other industrial equipment from Mi-T-M are critical to effective and safe operation at many different manufacturing facilities.
  • Construction: To power tools and equipment, construction industries need industrial applications that Mi-T-M offers, from air compressors to generators.
  • Energy sector: The energy sector relies on tools and capabilities powered by heaters, vacuums, generators, and other essential industrial systems.
  • HVAC: To keep HVAC systems running optimally, the industry requires the right powering and operating equipment systems that Mi-T-M provides.

Rental Equipment From Mi-T-M Corporation

When you need temporary equipment for a job, your Cat dealer can help you get Mi-T-M rentals for your applications. While inventory varies from dealer to dealer, the range of available rental equipment from Mi-T-M may include options such as:

  • Air compressors: This equipment powers critical operations for pneumatic tools in many different industries, ensuring safe and effective operation at the work site.
  • Pressure washers: Whether you need hot or cold pressure washers, you can ensure a sanitary environment with the right equipment from our rental inventory.
  • Generators: For everything from keeping virtual power plants running to delivering portable electric power, generators can handle many different applications that require operational electricity.
  • Combinations: Mi-T-M products offer generator, air compressor, and welder combinations to meet industry requirements in various work environments.
  • Wet-dry vacuums: With wet-dry vacuums, you can efficiently clean a variety of liquid and solid materials to create a safe and sanitary work environment.

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