Miller Electric Rental Equipment

Welding doesn't always occur inside a machine shop or on a factory floor. Construction companies and other businesses often require mobile welding equipment that performs flawlessly at remote job sites.

The Cat® Rental Store is a leading provider of heavy equipment for rent from Caterpillar and dozens of other reputable, reliable manufacturers. Our extensive lineup of welding products includes an assortment of portable and towable machines from Miller Electric. You'll find the right welder for your applications and budget and receive exceptional service throughout the rental process.

About Miller Electric

Miller Electric Mfg. LLC is a company based in Appleton, Wisconsin, and widely regarded as a welding industry pioneer. Since its founding as a one-person operation in 1929, Miller has grown to become the world's largest arc welding products manufacturer.

Over nearly a century, Miller Electric has established a stellar reputation for quality, reliability and responsiveness. Its products are a top choice for businesses in the construction, manufacturing, agriculture, marine and aviation industries across the U.S. and around the world.

A Broad Selection of Miller Electric Rental Equipment

The Cat Rental Store offers an assortment of portable rental welding equipment from Miller Electric that provides a compact, lightweight welding solution. We feature models from Miller's XMT 350 Series that deliver the ideal combination of mobility and excellent arc performance in the field or on a factory floor. Typical applications include construction, shipbuilding, fabrication, and truck and trailer manufacturing.

Our towable Miller welders are easy to transport to, from and around a remote job site. A popular choice for heavy construction, structural steel, process piping and mining maintenance applications is the Big Blue 500. This highly advanced welder features a heavy-duty, low-speed industrial diesel engine that burns cleanly and requires no exhaust after-treatment maintenance.

Why Make Us Your One-Stop Equipment Rental Source?

There are many great reasons to rent portable welders or anything else from The Cat Rental Store:

  • More than 1,300 convenient locations to serve you
  • Reliable product selection assistance from experienced rental specialists
  • Impeccably maintained, rigorously inspected equipment you can trust
  • Low-cost delivery or the option to pick up your rental at the store
  • Fast on-site maintenance and repair service
  • Flexible, affordable rental terms to meet every need and budget

What Can Renting Do for Your Business?

Renting enables you to get a machine quickly to replace a unit that's out of commission or ramp up for a sudden increase in business. You'll also have more flexibility to match equipment with unique applications, enhancing job site performance. Since you won't have to handle maintenance and repair expenses, you'll likely experience lower operating costs as well. And renting is ideal if you'd like to take a product you're thinking of purchasing for a trial run to make sure it's the right match for your operation.

Explore Your Miller Electric Rental Equipment Options Today

When it's time to rent welding equipment that meets your performance and quality expectations, give The Cat Rental Store a call at 1-800-RENT-CAT. To request a quick quote online, please fill out and submit our contact form.

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