Portacool Rental Equipment

Portacool Rental Equipment

Evaporative coolers are devices that use the evaporation of water to cool air in an environment. Because water absorbs heat to evaporate, the evaporation process reduces the temperature of dry air while using less energy than refrigeration techniques such as air conditioning. Portacool is a leading brand in evaporative coolers, and their equipment is available through The Cat® Rental Store.

Evaporative coolers by Portacool can make your environment colder, and our flexible rental agreements make it easy to rent cooling equipment for your project.

About Portacool

Portacool has made portable evaporative cooling equipment since 1990. The brand is known worldwide for its quality-made machines that effectively create a cool and comfortable environment. Each cooler is cost-effective to operate and portable, requiring tap water and a small power draw. Portacool equipment will help you provide cooler temperatures in warm areas of your facility or building.

Uses for Rental Equipment From Portacool

Evaporative coolers are energy-efficient machines that rely on natural processes to reduce the temperature in an area. Since Portacool rental equipment is easy to set up, you can use these evaporative coolers anywhere. Due to their effectiveness and portability, commercial and industrial facilities use evaporative coolers for temperature stability. You can experience better air quality without increasing your operational costs.

Rent From The Cat® Rental Store

Our dealers have a wide range of portable coolers that can help you experience extreme cooling. With more than 1,300 dealerships worldwide, you can find your rental equipment from Portacool with ease.

Our rental options from the brand include these models in various configurations and sizes: 

  • Portacool Cyclone™: These coolers are made for spot cooling in spaces without air conditioning.
  • Portacool Jetstream™: The Jetstream collection has the largest airflow for shops and garages.
  • Portacool Hurricane: These coolers provide maximum cooling power by turning on automatically when their internal pressures increase.
  • Portacool Classic: The Classic coolers from Portacool efficiently cool all environments.
  • Portacool Hazardous Location: This cooler collection has sealed pumps, cords, motors and switches to prevent sparks. Use one of these coolers in areas with potentially explosive airborne debris or gas.

Your local dealer can help you determine which cooling system you need for your facility. All rental equipment options meet our high performance standards and your individual project requirements, including your budget. When renting from The Cat Rental Store dealer network, you can also find equipment from many other well-known manufacturers.

Why Partner With Us?

Choosing the Portacool rental equipment that's available through our network of dealers will give you these advantages:

  • Rental options with the latest technology and features
  • Inspection of your rental equipment before checkout to ensure it's in working order
  • 24/7 support available on-site and online
  • Complimentary essential maintenance services
  • Flexible rental agreements for short- and long-term arrangements

Request a Quote for Portacool Rental Equipment Online

The dealer network through The Cat Rental Store has the Portacool rental equipment you need to create a cool environment in your facility. Browse our cooling equipment options to find a machine that meets your specifications. If you have any questions, call 1-800-RENT-CAT. To start your rental process, find a local dealer and request a quote online.

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