Solar Technology Rental Equipment

When managing traffic and ensuring drivers are aware of construction or service areas, the right signage solutions are critical. With Solar Technology rentals, you can get sign options to manage traffic flow and industry demands in many different work environments.

For a full range of rental options, work with your local Cat® dealer to get products through The Cat Rental Store. With 24/7 support and a massive network of global dealers, we're here to make sure you can tackle your project with confidence.

Overview of Solar Technology

Solar Technology delivers innovative solutions to traffic control challenges in areas undergoing construction or maintenance. With high-tech products to address the construction industry's needs, they aim to deliver dependable ways to ensure a safe work environment.

In their decades in operation, Solar Technology has developed many innovations that have earned them United States product improvement patents. They are the oldest manufacturer of portable changeable message and arrow panel signs with solar power and trailer mounting capabilities.

Industry Applications for Solar Technology Rental Equipment

Handling road work projects requires strategic planning and traffic management, and Solar Technology products deliver.

You can work with your local Cat dealer to find the best rental solutions for your project, whether you're tackling a roadway, intersection, or bridge. Developed for construction and engineering projects, Solar Technology products serve crews working in many different environments and help ensure a safe workspace for crews and drivers.

Rental Equipment From Solar Technology

Solar Technology has developed solar-powered, trailer-mounted signs for many different applications. For construction crews that need to communicate multiple types of information to drivers, having the right signage is essential.

Your Cat dealer can talk with you about the available inventory at your local branch of The Cat Rental Store so you can find the equipment you need. The equipment for rent from your dealer includes:

  • Trailer-mounted arrow boards: If you need to set up an arrow board on a trailer to warn drivers to change lanes and prepare for an upcoming construction zone, explore your options.
  • Vehicle-mounted arrow boards: With vehicle-mounted arrow board rentals, you can conveniently set up a warning sign to get drivers ready for entering a construction zone.
  • Portable changing signs: With double-sided messenger boards and vehicle-mounted boards, you can communicate several different messages to drivers effectively.
  • Speed detection monitor: Ensure drivers know their speed and enforce work zone speed limits with detection equipment rentals.

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