Tamarack Industries Rental Equipment

The Heat King division of Tamarack Industries, formerly known as Crown Construction Equipment, has been a leading manufacturer of high-quality glycol heating equipment since 1995. Heat King products are staples at cold-weather construction sites and in concrete curing operations and various oil and gas industry applications.

As the top source for productive, reliable rental equipment in the United States and around the world, The Cat® Rental Store carries a wide selection of rental equipment from Tamarack Industries/Heat King. When you rent from any of our more than 1,300 global locations, you'll get an expertly maintained product at a competitive daily, weekly, monthly or long-term rate. Use our rentals to get more work done in less time and reduce your business's operating costs.

Our Tamarack Industries Rental Equipment Lineup

Examples of the types of Heat King products you can find at The Cat Rental Store include:

  • Ground thawing: Use Heat King heaters to soften hard, frozen turf to prepare it for digging, pipelaying, trenching and concrete pouring in colder climates. These units deliver fast thawing results to keep your projects on schedule.
  • Concrete curing: Heat King concrete curing equipment ensures adequate moisture, temperature and time to enable concrete to attain the desired properties.
  • Space heating: These space heaters are ideal for heating targeted locations at construction sites. Typical applications include defrosting frozen topsoil and preparing areas for concrete curing.

The knowledgeable professionals at any of our locations can help you make the right equipment choice for your applications and budget.

What Sets Us Apart From the Rest?

Reasons to choose The Cat Rental Store for your Tamarack Industries rental equipment include the following benefits:

  • Large assortment of products to meet any job site requirement
  • Expertly maintained, thoroughly inspected machines you can trust for your most demanding applications
  • Prompt, reliable on-site maintenance and repair service to minimize unproductive downtime
  • Access to operator training to enable your crews to use the rentals efficiently and safely
  • Flexible pickup and delivery options to ensure you have the equipment when and where you need it
  • Ongoing support for the length of your rental agreement — we're always available to answer your questions and address your concerns

How Can Renting Keep Your Business Moving Forward?

When you make renting heavy equipment a regular business practice, you can reduce costs such as maintenance, repairs and storage, which boosts your bottom line. You also get access to technologically advanced products that make the job easier for your crews.

Convenience is another excellent reason to consider renting. You can get a machine quickly to bolster your fleet for larger projects or replace a model that's undergoing repairs. You can even rent before you buy to make sure a piece of equipment is the right fit for your operation.

Explore Rental Equipment From Tamarack Industries

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