Taylor-Dunn Rental Equipment

You need versatile and powerful vehicles for your commercial and industrial applications. With Taylor-Dunn rental equipment through The Cat® Rental Store network, you can get the right solutions, including those from Caterpillar and many other leading equipment brands.

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Overview of Taylor-Dunn

With over 65 years of experience, Taylor-Dunn is a respected provider of gas-powered, electric, and LPG vehicles to transport personnel, haul loads, and tow materials. Their rugged, dependable products can handle heavy-duty use and tackle demanding tasks to make operations more productive while saving time and labor.

Taylor-Dunn began to support local agricultural businesses, and its vehicle lines expanded over time to serve multiple other industries. Today, they deliver proven solutions for diverse businesses and work with a wide-ranging dealer network to supply clients with the equipment they need.

Industry Applications for Taylor-Dunn Rental Equipment

With vehicles that can handle a broad range of tasks, Taylor-Dunn rental equipment offers value to operations in many different industries. The company serves several main markets:

  • Hospitality: Convention centers use Taylor-Dunn equipment for transporting loads and personnel across different areas.
  • Manufacturing and warehousing: Industrial carts and personnel carts carry personnel and maintenance supplies around the facility or help pick and lift goods.
  • Higher education: For handling grounds maintenance, transporting students and staff, or managing security, Taylor-Dunn vehicles make the job easier.
  • Aviation: Taylor-Dunn tow trucks and other vehicles allow staff to carry luggage and supplies to and from the tarmac and aircraft efficiently and safely.

Rental Equipment From Taylor-Dunn

Taylor-Dunn rental equipment can help you handle many applications around your facility or site. Your dealer will help you identify which option is best for you and guide you through the rental process.

Some of the rental options available to you through your dealer include:

  • Utility vehicles: This dependable, high-performance equipment is versatile and tough enough to transport various materials and products.
  • Industrial carts: Moving materials efficiently through a manufacturing site or other industrial facility is more straightforward and faster with industrial cart rentals.
  • Tow tractors: With tow tractors, you can handle heavy-duty hauling and towing requirements at your work site.
  • Stock chasers: Able to navigate tight spaces and narrow aisles, stock chasers are ideal for warehouses and provide easy navigation throughout the facility.

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