Thompson Pump Rental Equipment

Dewatering pumps are the ideal solution when you need to displace water from a specific area to allow work on a project. Thompson Pump is a well-known pump equipment dealer that designs, manufactures and distributes quality pump solutions. The Cat® Rental Store connects you to rental equipment from Thompson Pump through our network of Cat dealers, giving you the tools you need to dewater your job site and get to work quickly.

About Thompson Pump

Thompson Pump manufactures dewatering pumps with quality design and high performance capabilities. Since 1970, the brand has evolved from a small business in Port Orange, Florida, to an internationally recognized pumping equipment leader. They produce their premium equipment in their ISO 9001-2015-certified facility for use on some of the world's toughest projects.

Industries That Use Pump Solutions

Rental pumps from Thompson Pump are suitable for mining, sewer, wastewater, agriculture, construction, public works and dewatering applications. Heavy rainfalls and high water tables can require the removal of water from the job site using a dewatering pump, and Thompson Pump products are efficient enough to run all day for emergency or high-use applications. As a result, you can continue productive work without interference from excess water.

Our Rental Equipment From Thompson Pump

The Cat Rental Store displays many different Thompson Pump models, including towable pump rental options with a hitch to attach to your vehicle. This design allows for easy transportation around the area or between job sites. We carry these models:

  • 10JSCG-DPST-1106DE66
  • 32HPU-DPST-1104D.44T
  • 6HTC-DDST-4-2011
  • 6JSCE-DPST-1104D.44T-M
  • 8JSCE-DPST-1104D.E44TA-M

Our rental equipment from Thompson Pump varies in specifications. Choose from flow rates of 1,450 to 7,800 gallons a minute and discharge diameters from 4 to 12 inches. Some towable pumps use diesel, and others require electric power. With the variety of pumps offered by our network, you can easily find a model for your project requirements.

Rent your preferred pump at one of our more than 1,300 dealers located around the world. Our dealerships are ready to help you find a rental pump that meets your specifications, time frame and budget.

Why Partner With The Cat® Rental Store?

The Cat Rental Store is the place to go when you need rental equipment from Thompson Pump. We understand that our quality determines your success, so our team does all we can to promote an excellent rental experience.

When you request a rental quote, you can choose daily, weekly, monthly or long-term rates — whichever timeline fits your project best. Our dealers' rental fleets include choices from Thompson Pump and many other brands with the latest features. Every unit receives a comprehensive inspection before checkout, and access to maintenance and repair services is included in your rental agreement.

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If you need a reliable pump rental, browse The Cat Rental Store to find the equipment you need at your local dealer. Our partners offer flexible rates to serve you as effectively as possible. Compare our rental equipment options on our website, and call a representative at 1-800-RENT-CAT with any questions. To start the rental process, find your nearest dealer or request a quick quote today.

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