Toro Rental Equipment

At The Cat® Rental Store, we understand the importance of having the right tools for the job. Whether you are a landscaping contractor or a groundskeeper at a school or golf course, a high-performing piece of landscaping equipment will help your team complete tasks efficiently. Our selection includes rental equipment from more than 70 trusted brands, including Toro, so you can always find what you need.

Founded in 1914, Toro has a long history of manufacturing advanced, innovative solutions for outdoor environments. Toro products help customers improve their productivity and enrich the beauty and sustainability of their land. Whether you need to remove a tree stump or install an irrigation system, Toro offers equipment to solve your team's challenges and get the job done.

Our Selection of Toro Rental Equipment

Toro makes a wide range of products to assist with landscaping and outdoor maintenance, including utility loaders, attachments, trenchers, concrete and masonry products, and tree care products. At The Cat Rental Store, we offer the following types of rental equipment from Toro:

  • Stump grinders: The Toro STX38 stump grinder has a discharge capacity of 38 gallons per minute and a ground speed of 4.5 miles per hour, allowing you to remove stumps quickly. The grinder's fully hydraulic operation also prevents interruptions caused by breaking and slipping belts.
  • Walk-behind trenchers: You can use a Toro trencher to dig trenches for irrigation projects, sever tree roots or assist with manual shoveling tasks. The Toro TRX20 is a tracked trencher that's easy to maneuver, even in wet and soft ground conditions.
  • Plate compactors: Toro compactors can easily compact mixed soil, asphalt and gravel. The Toro RP-1400D features a large 35-inch plate for high efficiency and force.

The rental equipment we have available may vary by location. If you have a specific piece of Toro equipment in mind, let us know so we can work to meet your needs.

When Should You Consider Toro Rental Equipment?

Toro equipment has the potential to benefit people working in a variety of industries, including landscaping, agriculture, construction and outdoor maintenance. No matter how you use Toro equipment, choosing to rent comes with numerous advantages, from keeping costs down to providing the peace of mind that comes with access to backup equipment.

You should consider renting Toro equipment from The Cat Rental Store if:

  • You need to expand your team's capabilities to take on a short-term project.
  • You want to avoid the storage and maintenance expenses associated with equipment ownership.
  • You need a temporary replacement for a piece of equipment undergoing repairs.
  • You want to test out a piece of Toro equipment at the job site before you buy it.

Why Partner With The Cat® Rental Store?

You put a lot on the line to run your business. At The Cat Rental Store, we provide more than rental equipment — we provide the support you need to thrive, whether you choose to rent for a few days, weeks or months. To enable you to focus on the job at hand, we take care of maintenance on-site during the rental term. We can also provide operator training to ensure you have the knowledge to use your rental equipment safely and efficiently.

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