TowerLight Rental Equipment

If you're in an industry that requires keeping projects going in dark work conditions, having the right lighting solutions is critical for productivity. Strategically placed light towers give you enhanced visibility, no matter what hour you're on the job, and provide increased safety and efficiency.

Ensure you have the right equipment for the job with our dealers' offerings in The Cat® Rental Store network. Our dealers are here to equip you for your job with resources and tools you can trust for the most demanding applications.

History of the TowerLight Brand

TowerLight began in 1997 manufacturing lighting systems to work with electric generators. They soon became a successful light tower manufacturer, creating innovative lighting solutions to meet the demanding applications of the industries they served.

As the years passed, they became a respected provider for lighting solutions throughout the European market and eventually worldwide. Their cutting-edge technology development of the first light tower with a telescopic mast in 2003 became the most commonly used option for purchase and rent across the industry.

Today, TowerLight, now known as Generac Mobile®, continues to deliver trusted solutions to clients worldwide.

Industry Applications for TowerLight Rental Equipment

TowerLight serves various industries, meeting lighting needs with innovative solutions that protect workers while helping them get more done in less time. Some of the industries that use TowerLight equipment include:

  • Construction industry: For road construction and other projects that may require night work, TowerLight products give workers the visibility to keep operating safely.
  • Energy industries: From mining to oil and gas, working in low-light conditions can be a necessity. TowerLight equipment delivers the right lighting solutions to create a safe and productive work environment.
  • Agricultural industry: TowerLight products offer visibility solutions to enable essential agricultural operations at any hour.

Rental Equipment From TowerLight

When you need long-lasting, dependable light sources for your project, your local Cat dealer can help you get the TowerLight equipment you need for the job. Our dealers offer a selection of rental equipment to keep your operations going, with products such as:

  • Light towers: From mobile to stationary to enhanced energy-efficiency options, TowerLight products deliver equipment solutions to fit diverse operational needs.
  • Power generators: Keep the work going smoothly for mining and a variety of other industrial applications with reliable, long-lasting generators from TowerLight to handle the job.
  • Portable equipment: TowerLight products offer a convenient line of mobile equipment so you can easily transport equipment at the work site.

How to Partner With The Cat® Rental Store

The Cat Rental Store is here to deliver a trusted network of local dealers with services to handle your requirements. Whatever lighting solutions you need for your operations, our rental store network offers a comprehensive inventory of products to meet your temporary project needs. Our dealers offer rental equipment from leading names such as TowerLight to ensure you get exactly what you need for the job.

Partner with our network to meet your industry's requirements and create a safe and productive work environment for all site workers. Reach out to your local branch and talk to your dealer today for more information.

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