Towmaster Rental Equipment

The Cat® Rental Store serves as an extensive source of support for contractors who need cost-effective equipment solutions. If you're looking for a high-quality Towmaster trailer that meets your short- or long-term project needs, we have an option with the right size and lift capacity available. We ensure your equipment's strength and reliability, so it gets the job done, regardless of your project demands.

About the Towmaster Brand

Towmaster has been serving major industries for over 40 years, manufacturing safe and dependable flatbed trailers for businesses. These trailers are durable and capable of transporting heavy cargo over long distances. If you're looking for a piece of lifting and transporting equipment you can trust to fit on the back of your truck, Towmaster may have the solution you need.

Towmaster is a well-known brand offering versatile trailers suitable for a wide variety of businesses. Construction, trucking and hauling companies can benefit from the options Towmaster has to offer. While the company was purchased a few years ago by Monroe Truck Equipment, it continues to serve a diverse range of clients. You can find affordable Towmaster rentals today by partnering with The Cat Rental Store.

Towmaster Rental Equipment From The Cat® Rental Store

The Cat Rental Store carries equipment from a wide range of reputable manufacturers, delivering reliability and cost-effective prices to every partner. We have a selection of several Towmaster rental equipment options, including an inventory of utility trailers. These trailers are long and easy to hook onto a heavy-duty truck, which helps you maximize uptime and stay on task during important applications.

Our Towmaster trailers vary in weight and deck size, which allows you to choose an option that meets your specific needs. If you're looking for a certain product model or interested in trying out upgrades at a lower risk, we'll be happy to help you find the optimal Towmaster solution.

Why Work With The Cat Rental Store?

Renting a trailer can be a quick and easy way to secure a replacement when you're taking on a high-demand construction project or delivery job. When you partner with The Cat Rental Store, you can access rental equipment at any time — even at the last minute. We have dealers stationed at more than 1,300 locations worldwide, so you can find us almost anywhere. Benefits of choosing our Towmaster rental equipment include:

  • Expertise: Because we've spent years working with equipment from all types of major brands, we have the experience and expertise to answer all your questions.
  • Support and maintenance: If you need troubleshooting, repairs or maintenance throughout your rental, we can help. We offer 24-hour availability, so you can reach us at any time.
  • Operator training: Extra training can take extra time and money away from your operations. That's why we offer our own operator training services to help you maximize productivity and safety.
  • Advanced technology: Equipped with the latest technology from The Cat Rental Store, you can keep operations running smoothly and maintain a strong competitive edge.

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At The Cat Rental Store, we work hard to make sure every contractor has access to the rental equipment they need. For more information about our rental equipment from Towmaster, browse our product pages or request a quote online today.

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