3 Steps to Temporary Power

Construction sites are fast-paced, hectic environments with everyone competing for adequate time and space to complete their portion of the project in a timely and professional manner.

The best and most effective solution for accommodating different construction site needs is by installing a temporary power supply. By investing and installing temporary power supplies you can:

  • Maintain project schedules
  • Complete construction jobs in a cost-effective manner
  • Ensure safety and security for all employees

With temporary power supplies, you can ensure safety and success for all of your ongoing construction and commercial renovation projects.

3 Steps for Setting Up Temporary Power

Temporary power supplies are a great, cost-effective lighting solution for many building sites hoping to keep overhead costs as low as possible while maintaining timely project completion. When determining your temporary power options, it’s best to understand the factors required for successfully installing temporary power.

  1. Coordinate with local utility companies: For the best success, work closely with local utility companies to establish trusting relationships and efficient services. Meet with local vendors and identify the proper temporary power supply solutions for your specific job site — determine fees, establish accounts and schedule power hook up and disconnection times. By being familiar with appropriate vendors, your power supply needs will be completed in a timely and smooth manner.
  2. Obtain necessary permits and scheduling inspections: To avoid unnecessary shutdowns and fees, it’s best to understand and work with utility companies who know your city and county’s building department codes and regulations. When you have relationships with local inspectors and understand the specific ins and outs of your area’s temporary power supply specifications, you can secure permits faster and have better success scheduling inspections.
  3. Engineering, installing, maintaining and removing temporary power equipment: When setting up temporary power supplies, always hire experienced and knowledgeable professionals for the best chance of success. While initial set up of these systems may seem straightforward, it’s essential to have personnel who understand the proper pole locations, ground conditions, know the location of underground utilities and understand how to properly install intricate electrical systems. With proper preparation and personnel, you can ensure safe and effective temporary power supply solutions.

Temporary Power Solutions for Construction Sites

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