5 Things you Didn't Know About the Caterpillar Brand

You've probably heard of the Caterpillar brand before. You may have seen some of our machines in action or had the chance to operate them. You might even automatically recognize that unmistakable yellow paint. But what do you know about who we are?

Everyone has a different level of experience with Caterpillar and our equipment. Just like we get to know all of our clients, we want to give you the opportunity to learn about who we are and what we do.

We're more than just a company. And every part of our worldwide team is just as important as any other. Get to know us better with these five things you probably didn't know about The Cat® Rental Store.

1. About the Brand

Caterpillar has been a strong worldwide brand for decades. Understanding the foundation of our company and its values lies in the exciting history that precedes it. Here are a few highlights by decade:

  • 1920: The Caterpillar Tractor Co. was founded in 1925 when Holt Manufacturing Company and C. L. Best Tractor Co. merged to become one entity.
  • 1930: In 1931, our machinery took on its iconic yellow color, starting as "Hi-Way Yellow." In 1936 and 1937, Caterpillar machines helped complete the construction of the Hoover Dam and the Golden Gate Bridge, respectively.
  • 1940: During the 1940s, Caterpillar supported the Allied forces through WWII and began construction of over 70,000 miles of highways in the U.S. using our esteemed machines.
  • 1950: In 1955, Caterpillar supplied equipment to the U.S. government, specially designed to take on the elements in Operation Deep Freeze — the first of many military expeditions to Antarctica for scientific research.
  • 1960: The 1960s saw Caterpillar helping to build the Mangla Dam in Pakistan, widening parts of the Panama canal and supplying engines necessary for tracking the Apollo 11 space mission. We also opened our worldwide headquarters in Peoria, Illinois.
  • 1970: A big change came around in 1979 — we discontinued use of the "Hi-Way Yellow" paint color and began using "Caterpillar Yellow," which has been in use ever since.
  • 1980: In the 1980s, Caterpillar bought Solar Turbines and continued their production, and began building the Ataturk Dam in Turkey and the Yacyreta Dam in Paraguay and Argentina.
  • 1990: In the 1990s, Caterpillar machines helped with the construction of the Three Gorges Dam in China and the Kansai International Airport in Osaka, Japan.
  • 2000: In 2006, our machines helped finish construction of the world's largest man-made sea barrier, the Saemangeum Seawall, in South Korea.

From the early 2000s to the present day, Caterpillar has continued to grow and expand to further countries. Our brand has been a big part of building history, and we're proud of our humble beginnings.

Because of our historical presence, proven quality and involvement in large-scale projects in many different countries, we have become the world-leading brand in machinery.

The Cat Rental Store is proud to continue this history. Our mission is to fulfill every need of our customers and partners, providing them with quality products, solutions and support with the help of engaged and attentive employees. We aim to serve all of our clients with a can-do attitude, take responsibility for our workmanship and provide our customers with what they need to get the job done.

2. What Our Brand Means to Us

With such a rich history and a team of dedicated individuals all holding the same values, the Caterpillar brand means a lot to us.

We strive to create the best presence possible for all of our clients and employees. The entire brand is representative of every person involved in the company — they are what keep Caterpillar at the top.

Valuing our people is a big part of the Caterpillar brand, whether they are a technician, specialist, supervisor or customer. To ensure we're always recognizing others and maintaining a balance of humility and pride, our company exercises five core values every day:

  • Integrity: The consistent foundation of everything we do. We make sure every individual we work with and serve can rely on us to fulfill their needs at any time.
  • Excellence: We always set and achieve our goals with the highest ambition. The power and heritage of the Caterpillar brand are reflected in the excellent quality of our services and products.
  • Teamwork: We work, live and serve others as a team. Our unique talents and abilities enable us to help others succeed. As a whole, we can create an environment where individuals and businesses support each other and thrive.
  • Commitment: As a team and as individuals, we commit to each other, to those we work and live with and to those we serve. Embracing responsibility at all times is a cornerstone of our brand.
  • Sustainability: Our company is dedicated to creating a better future for others by way of the environment. Sustainability is a vital part of our identity, our daily practices and our worldwide influence.

In addition to always keeping these core values at the center of what we do, we also maintain a Worldwide Code of Conduct. The first copy was published in 1974, detailing the behavior and practices that work to uphold our core values.

Because our company consists of so many employees and branches around the globe, the code serves as a unifying standard, creating one solidified Caterpillar team. For us, compliance with laws and required policies isn't enough. We push for a commitment to a higher standard, at the individual and group levels.

Beyond our people, Caterpillar stands for quality products and service. We pride ourselves on being able to partner with every client and never take a business relationship for granted. Our guarantee of devoted, fast assistance and machinery that works perfectly every time you need it is what puts our brand among the top-tier of equipment companies across the world.

Our brand means quality equipment, outstanding service, reliable team members, safety, environmental concern and a long history of excellence. Caterpillar will continue to strive for the standards we always have and set higher goals for our company every day.

3. Number of Branches Worldwide

One thing you may not have known about Caterpillar is our expansive number of locations across several continents.

The Cat Rental Store is proud to have hundreds of branches around the world. Our global network spans more than 1,300 locations across the Americas, the Asia Pacific and Europe, Africa and the Middle East (EAME) regions, all owned by dealers. These regions each encompass several countries, including:

  • The United States and Latin America
  • Asia Pacific
  • Europe
  • Africa
  • The Middle East

Our network of sites includes:

  • Manufacturing plants
  • Marketing and logistics offices
  • Service departments and centers
  • Research and development facilities
  • Related centers
  • Dealer locations

The U.S. employs the majority of Caterpillar workers, housing over 60 of the primary locations and dealers across the country.

While we maintain a worldwide influence, our main headquarters is in Illinois and has remained there since its founding in 1967. It serves as a reminder of our history and the original creation of the Caterpillar brand.

With so many locations across such a wide area, remaining a unified team can seem like a difficult task. But, with our core values and code of conduct to thank, we can ensure quality service and workmanship at all of our facilities — even across countries and oceans.

4. Our Expertise

With over 90 years in the machinery business, Caterpillar is one of the most qualified equipment companies out there. Beginning as a small, independent machine building company, we maintained our values of quality even when expanding to create a global presence.

With every period of growth comes the need to hire new team members who will uphold the values and operational standards of the Caterpillar brand. We are committed to maintaining an experienced and well-trained employee base who can pass their knowledge on to partners and clients.

Some of our highly-skilled team members include:

  • Engineers: Our engineers design new machines and innovative solutions, run digital simulations of new machinery to see how efficiently it will work in the field, create more sustainable parts with 3D printing technology, and work in one or multiple specialized areas, including chemical, electrical, material, mechanical and metallurgical engineering.
  • Production technicians: Our production technicians work as part of our manufacturing teams, physically building machines and ensuring quality equipment through the entire production process.
  • Digital and analytic technicians: These technicians work to streamline our services and create better user experiences through general advancements, helping improve system efficiency for customers, analyzing data and making transformations where they see fit.
  • Dealer technicians: Dealer technicians work in Cat dealerships to maintain and repair all equipment and machinery. They go through rigorous training and are offered ongoing education through the company. Each technician is well-versed in how each machine operates, its parts and pieces, how to correctly and quickly repair any issues and how to identify problems and troubleshoot.
  • Demonstrator operators: These operators have the unique job of demonstrating the proper use and the ins and outs of Cat machinery in specialized demonstration centers across the world or in the field. They also train operators competitively, teaching them everything they need to know to elevate themselves and their business. Our demonstrators have all spent a minimum of 10 years as an equipment operator themselves so that they can instruct from their own experience.

These are just a few of our many important positions. Each of our employees is a well-trained specialist in their field, and we encourage their continued learning through advancement opportunities, training in other areas, internships and formal professional development programs.

Not all of these employees will work in The Cat Rental Store, but they do all make our rental programs possible. Each step is just as important as the next to ensure our customers and partners have access to quality, reliable machinery.

In addition to taking on formal training and maintaining a desire to learn, every employee under the Caterpillar brand is expected to uphold the company standard of operational excellence.

Our standards for operational excellence mean a better experience for each employee, team, customer and partner. We lead the industry in safety levels, product quality, efficiency and competitive cost, and all of our team members are trained to work at the same standards.

5. Onsite Support

At Caterpillar, we are dedicated to providing our customers with whatever they need, whenever they need it.

Our rental stores aren't just reliable sources for equipment rentals. We're also committed to educating and providing continued service to every customer, before, during and after the rental period. Whether it's a simple question or a complicated repair, we'll cover it.

We offer several forms of support for our customers, including:

  • Training: If operators need to learn how to run any Caterpillar machinery — or just want a refresher — we offer training and demonstrations of all our equipment. We pride ourselves on keeping workers safe and provide every team with the resources they need to maintain their safety and efficiency.
  • Technicians: Our highly-skilled, trained technicians are available onsite to advise or administer repairs to any rental machinery, so our customers can get back to work quickly.
  • In-store parts and servicing: We also have a service department and parts counter onsite, for immediate access to any resources.
  • Emergency line: We know that when our customers need assistance, having to wait for help can severely affect the efficiency of their business or delay jobs. That's why we offer 24/7 emergency support services, available to take phone calls as needed — even in the middle of the night.

All of these measures are set to ensure our customers have the best rental experience possible. If problems arise, it can hurt a business. We strive to provide fast solutions to any issue, saving teams time and money.

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