Access the Latest Technology With Construction Rentals

Access the Latest Technology With Construction Rentals

Construction rental equipment is the backbone of many construction projects. If you've been in the industry for a while, you've probably seen how technology has improved machinery. The future only promises more useful technology.

With technological developments providing greater equipment capabilities, construction companies need to stay up to date. Staying ahead of the competition starts by recognizing technology's value in rental equipment.

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Why Technology in Equipment Rentals Is So Valuable

Your equipment can determine whether you get a contract in the competitive construction industry. If another company can do a job with greater safety, accuracy and speed, it may be hard to sell yourself to the client. Having the latest technology at your disposal gives you an automatic edge.

Consider these benefits for a broader idea of how technology can enhance your operations.

1. Greater Efficiency

Tech can help workers out in the field complete their jobs faster. For example, upgraded GPS tech can help a team complete grading tasks more quickly. They can finish everything in one pass rather than having to check and regrade a few times before finishing.

2. Improved Safety

Operating a piece of heavy machinery can be a daunting task, especially if you're in a tight space or around many people. New construction equipment provides detection technology to warn operators of potential hazards and avoid accidents.

With cameras and sensors outfitted on the equipment, your operators can be more aware of their environment.

With cameras and sensors outfitted on the equipment, your operators can be more aware of their environment. Other safety technology can automatically alert relevant personnel in case of an accident.

3. Advanced Analytics

Data is king, and the construction industry knows this. Software and sensors installed in equipment are increasingly popular. They can help monitor a machine's efficiency, performance and maintenance schedule. 

As improved analytics become available, companies can learn more about their team's improvement opportunities and areas where they excel. This information can help companies craft strategies and use the best equipment.   

4. Better Comfort

More ergonomic controls reduce strain on the operator, while LED interfaces make it easier for users to complete daily tasks.

The latest construction technology continues to improve cab comfort in heavy equipment. More reliable heating and cooling units can keep your operators in total comfort, even in challenging conditions. More ergonomic controls reduce strain on the operator, while LED interfaces make it easier for users to complete daily tasks.

5. More Automation

Many tedious tasks require heavy-duty machinery. These tasks can be monotonous and repetitive, causing operators to lose focus. This can result in injuries or mistakes. As technology continues to develop, it can automate more tasks.

Access New Technology in Construction Equipment By Renting

Renting your construction equipment allows you to access the latest technologies at affordable prices shortly after they're available. As new improvements roll out and transform equipment capabilities, you can keep up with them and reap the benefits in your team's productivity, efficiency and safety. Here are some advantages to construction technology rentals.

1. No Immediate Commitment Required

Try before you buy is a valuable benefit of renting construction equipment. You can test out different technology features before choosing to follow through with a purchase.

No long-term contracts bind you to an older model when you rent. You can use the latest piece of technology without an in-depth commitment. This can help you get firsthand knowledge on whether or not the technology is worth using in the future for your business. 

If your operations improve with the technology, you can continue to rent the equipment with advanced capabilities. If your workers prefer a simpler layout for some machines, you can opt for less tech in your rentals.

2. Freedom to Test Out Models

Rental dealers typically stock their fleets with the newest equipment models. This allows you to leverage modern technological advancements and features. You can test out different machines, determining what will provide safer and more fuel-efficient operations.

Essentially, renting gives you the power to choose what you want on a project-by-project basis. Top dealers will always have the latest product lines with the newest technological offerings from equipment manufacturers. You can choose what works best for you and enjoy the competitive advantage technology provides.

3. Competitive Edge

Investing in the newest technology is one of the best ways to get a leg up on other competitors in the market.

Construction is a highly competitive industry. Investing in the newest technology is one of the best ways to get a leg up on other competitors in the market. Having the latest equipment can help you win more project bids over your competitors, empowering you to scale your business with rentals to accommodate growth.

A client is more likely to choose a company that can perform higher-quality work with faster turnaround times — both of which come with having more up-to-date construction equipment.

4. Cost Savings

Renting equipment with advanced technological features provides money-saving opportunities. You can try it out without the financial investment of permanently adding it to your fleet.

Examples of New Technology in Heavy Equipment

At The Cat® Rental Store, we have a wide selection of technology solutions for construction crews. Each of these systems offers different setups, configurations and features. This way, you can choose the ideal solution based on your applications, budget and needs.

The benefits of this new technology

The benefits of this new technology include:

  • Safety and security: Construction equipment technology helps prevent spills and injuries from overloading. It also makes operators more aware of their surroundings. Many of these systems also include features to prevent theft and unauthorized use.
  • Increased productivity: Technology helps crews complete jobs more accurately in less time. It can streamline manual, labor-intensive processes like grading and compacting. Operators can achieve tasks in fewer passes, preventing the need for costly rework and downtime. As a result, your crew becomes more productive and efficient.
  • Quality and accuracy: Technology can complete tasks precisely and consistently so projects can see more accurate and reliable results. Clients are more likely to partner with construction crews that can perform the highest-quality work.
  • Fuel efficiency: The faster your machines complete work, the less fuel they burn. Construction technology can cut down on expensive fuel consumption and costs. Fuel efficiency is also better for the environment.
  • More comfort: Certain systems remove the operator from the machine altogether. That means they can work in more comfortable areas while managing multiple machines simultaneously.
  • Lower operator fatigue: Operators can use technology to execute tasks more efficiently with lower manual effort. On top of being more productive, they will likely experience less burnout. Technology reduces the risk of fatigue-related injuries and accidents.
  • Money savings and profits: Heavy equipment technology systems can lessen the time and expense needed to complete a project. Lower fuel consumption levels also save money. You can see more from profits by spending less on fuel, incidents, equipment repairs and labor wages. Higher-quality project outcomes make you more likely to land future contracts — and more projects means more money.
  • Extended machine life: When crews can get the job done in fewer runs, equipment sees less use and wear, helping a machine last longer.

Here are eight advanced technology solutions that can accompany your rental equipment.

1. Hybrid Equipment

Alternative power systems are some of the latest rental technology you can use. Diesel-electric hybrid machines can help you save fuel costs and be more environmentally friendly

As the industry continues to explore electrically powered equipment, you can eventually expect to see entirely battery-powered machines. If you're renting, you can be the first to use these models when they become available.

2. Telematics

Construction equipment also continues to see advancements in telematics. This new technology collects data on equipment and ensures your machines operate more efficiently. 

Telematics devices help users improve decision-making, correct operator behaviors and provide preventive maintenance warnings. We can only expect to see greater data-gathering abilities and uses in the future. By incorporating telematics in construction equipment, crews can:

  • Manage fleet size, costs and equipment distribution.
  • Monitor equipment health and keep up with service and maintenance.
  • Use idle times and exhaust data to optimize fuel usage and efficiency.
  • Identify counterproductive or hazardous practices, such as unsafe driving and equipment overloading.
  • Obtain accurate job estimates by factoring in labor hours from previous projects.
  • Prevent theft and unauthorized use through geo-fencing.

Telematics uses GPS location tracking to monitor equipment condition and performance. Fleet managers and crews can access this data remotely from a central database. There's no need to be physically present at the job site, making telematics a highly convenient asset. This technology provides the following information and more regarding construction equipment:

  • Diagnostic codes
  • Equipment location
  • Fuel consumption
  • Idle and working hours
  • Incident reports
  • Preventive maintenance schedules

A major advance you can expect to improve is telematics devices' ability to monitor operators and alert managers of improper actions. 

For example, you might notice your wheel loader continually pushing into engine overspeed or coasting in neutral. These alerts can help your managers address inefficiencies with new training opportunities. They can also help operators fix counterproductive habits.

Companies of all sizes can benefit from telematics. Whether you're a large corporation operating from multiple locations or a small startup, you can enjoy convenient data access, reduced fuel usage and more uptime.

With telematics, fleet managers can make informed decisions about their equipment and tools.

With telematics, fleet managers can make informed decisions about their equipment and tools. Operations become significantly more efficient, and crews can avoid unforeseen incidents, costs and interruptions.

3. Cat® Product Link™

Decision-making is a crucial part of heavy equipment management. By gathering equipment information and sending it to a database, Cat Product Link™ can help fleet managers and crews make important decisions. Streamline tasks like buying new machines, making connections, tracking expenses and maintaining the fleet. With Product Link™, you can connect your crew, equipment and data to one convenient hub, helping you get the best return on investment.

New equipment models have built-in Product Link™ capabilities. Additionally, you can find installation kits for your existing Cat equipment or models from other manufacturers. It's easy to set up and connect to your machines. Simply mount the Product Link™ device into the machine, then sync it to your online and mobile applications. You can select your preferred wireless communication method — Bluetooth, cellular or satellite.

After connecting your equipment, you can use a mobile- or web-based interface — including the Cat App, Cat Inspect, My.Cat.Com and VisionLink® — to retrieve the data you need anytime.

Product Link™ technology allows you to:

  • Manage all data from one central database.
  • Identify equipment condition, location and operating hours.
  • Access equipment data to improve fuel efficiency and performance.

With Product Link™, you gain valuable insights into your fleet performance. The operating information you obtain can help you make more informed management decisions.

4. Cat® Grade Control

When performing tasks like leveling areas, digging foundations and laying asphalt, accurate grading is a must — ideally in as few passes as possible. Through automated machine control, Cat Grade Control technology helps guide operators quickly and precisely so they can complete the job the first time.

This technology has one or both of these key features:

  • Guidance: A visual display guides users by generating feedback, like where to cut and fill.
  • Control: The system controls the blade or bucket to limit or eliminate manual work.

Some machines have these integrated as standard functions, enabling equipment to level surfaces intuitively. Cat Grade Control technology also comes in two configurations:

  • 2D: The 2D configuration is suitable for flat planes and slopes. Using an external reference point, it's ideal for consistent job conditions and applications and requires less infrastructure. If your team takes on more complex projects, you can upgrade your 2D system to 3D.
  • 3D: The 3D configuration uses an internal reference point. This feature allows it to handle complex contours, curves, planes and slopes. While it requires additional infrastructure, it's great for more challenging or inconsistent job conditions and applications.

Cat Grade Control is standard in Next Generation dozers and excavators. It's also available in select models of the following equipment:

  • Dozers
  • Excavators
  • Motor graders
  • Multi-terrain loaders
  • Paving equipment
  • Scrapers
  • Skid steer loaders
Enjoy simplified operations and higher grading efficiency with Cat Grade Control.

With this technology, you can stay competitive in an industry that values speed and productivity. Enjoy simplified operations and higher grading efficiency with Cat Grade Control.

5. Cat Payload

To load materials efficiently onto equipment, operators must hit load targets with each trip to the scale. Additionally, they must track material types and locations. Cat Payload technology provides load-weighing data to ensure each cycle meets its load target. This technology records crucial material information to help crews consistently meet weight goals.

Cat Payload comes standard on Next Generation excavators and wheel loaders. It's also available for the following machines:

  • Articulated trucks
  • Hoppers
  • On- and off-highway trucks
  • Off-road haulers
  • Wheel tractor scrapers

Cat Payload comes as a dealer-installed option or retrofit for some applications.

Features of Cat Payload include:

  • Comprehensive reporting: Cat Payload reports and monitors key performance indicators (KPIs) such as truckload counts, tons per hour, tons per fuel burned and daily production tonnage. Access this data online through VisionLink Payload Reporting.
  • In-cab display: The Cat Payload display generates data like truckload counts, material movement, and bucket and track load weights. Hauling equipment has payload lamps and an external scoreboard display, allowing the operator to view the load status.
  • On-the-go load weighing: Payload data helps operators meet their loading targets to reduce cycle times and boost productivity.

Get valuable insights into your equipment's load-weighing operations by investing in Cat Payload technology.

6. Cat Detect

Cat Detect prevents engagement in hazardous conditions by making operators more aware of their environment.

Cat Detect technology uses equipment cameras and tracking to inform operators of their surroundings and keep them safe. It's available for most existing and new Cat machinery as well as equipment from other manufacturers. If your model is not equipped with Cat Detect capabilities, your local dealer can supply you with retrofit and aftermarket solutions.

Cat Detect prevents engagement in hazardous conditions by making operators more aware of their environment. It comes in various configurations, each with unique benefits and features:

  • Closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera systems: Available in light-duty, heavy-duty and customizable options, CCTV cameras show operators what crew members and machines are near their equipment. They eliminate blind spots to provide a clearer view of these surroundings. If something approaches the activated machine, the system alerts the operator.
  • Machine security systems: These systems require a special electronic key or passcode to operate the equipment. This safety measure ensures only qualified personnel use the machines.
  • Object detection systems: Radar technology is used to locate objects at the equipment's front, side and rear. Operators can see these objects' proximity via onboard cameras and identify possible hazards.
  • Proximity sensing systems: These systems use electric fences to reduce machine movement in tight spaces. This way, they are less likely to harm other equipment and crew members.
  • Radio frequency identification (RFID) systems: Ground personnel are equipped with RFID tags. If a tag comes too close to an operating machine, an in-cab alarm and external speaker alert the operator and ground workers.

Crew and equipment safety should be a top priority at any job site. Let Cat Detect technology reduce worksite risks and provide your team with an additional layer of security.

7. Cat Compact

With Cat Compact technology, you can enhance project uniformity, quality and completion times with minimal passes and less fuel.

Cat Compact technology is ideal for jobs requiring specific compactness levels, such as paving roads, preparing sites and working in landfills. It helps operators compact materials quickly and accurately, achieving their desired level in fewer passes.

During compaction, operators receive in-cab feedback to ensure uniform density with minimal effort. This can cut project costs, potentially allowing for higher profits. Cat Compact comes factory-installed on select models of the following equipment:

  • Asphalt compactors
  • Landfill compactors
  • Pneumatic tire rollers
  • Soil and aggregate compactors

You can consult your local dealer to retrofit this technology onto older Cat equipment or machines from other brands. Cat Compact is available in multiple configurations, including 3D mapping, compaction measurement and machine-to-machine communication. Choose a solution based on your budget and applications.

Features of Cat Compact include:

  • Advanced compaction measurement: Precise measurements help ensure each pass provides the appropriate compaction.
  • Data reports: Compaction and coverage data help fleet managers confirm proper task completion.
  • Immediate feedback: Managers can receive in-cab feedback instantly. As a result, they can verify compacted areas and those that still need to be covered.
  • Precise navigation: Accurate navigation technology informs operators of their coverage and progress.

With Cat Compact technology, you can enhance project uniformity, quality and completion times with minimal passes and less fuel. If you want to meet your project specifications more accurately with fewer labor hours, consider an upgrade to Cat Compact.

8. Cat Command

With Cat Command technology, you can operate equipment from a remote control center or on-site location. Operators perform multiple processes from one location, increasing both worksite productivity and safety.

Cat Command provides consistent, accurate results for semi-autonomous machine operation. It connects the equipment and base station through a simple installation process and features an intuitive, easy-to-use interface. The operator can control steering, direction, vibrations and equipment speed from the control panel, allowing operators to work in tandem with the automated machines. This human oversight helps ensure greater certainty, consistency and precision.

Cat Command is available for select excavators, skid steer loaders, compactors, bulldozers, wheel loaders and other machinery. Operators can enjoy these functions and benefits:

  • Automated processes: Incorporate specific inputs into the system to automate processes, and save those inputs for future use.
  • Higher accuracy: Cat Command helps equipment perform consistently and accurately to fulfill project requirements.
  • Improved coverage: The technology works within consistent parameters for optimal project coverage.
  • More uniformity: Cat Command ensures uniformity with each pass, even when multiple operators are involved.
  • Safety: Features like system interlocks and auto-stop prevent remote machine control in dangerous conditions, enhancing worksite safety.

Cat Command provides additional security when using equipment in hazardous and challenging sites. As a result, you can improve personnel safety and maintain better sight lines.

Choose The Cat Rental Store for Equipment With the Most Updated Technology

Try new technology with rental equipment provided by The Cat Rental Store. We're always proud to offer our clients the latest models with cutting-edge features that keep them ahead of the competition.

We constantly look to improve our inventory, outfitting our equipment to collect telematics data, keep operators safe, make target payloads and grade more efficiently.

Take a look at our selection of rental equipment today. If you have any questions while browsing, contact your local dealer.

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