Access the Latest Technology With Construction Rentals

Access the Latest Technology With Construction Rentals

Construction rental equipment is the backbone of many construction projects. If you've been around the industry for a while, you've probably seen how technology has improved the machinery construction workers use daily. The future only promises more useful technology.

With all the technological developments that are giving equipment greater capabilities, construction companies need to stay up to date and learn how to take advantage of the newest tech. Staying ahead of the competition starts by recognizing the value of updated technology in rental equipment, as well as being aware of why construction equipment rentals are your best choice if you want to always have the most cutting-edge equipment available.

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Why Technology in Equipment Rentals Is So Valuable

Within the highly competitive construction industry, your equipment can be a deciding factor on whether or not you get a contract. If another company can do a job with greater safety, accuracy and speed than you, it may be hard to sell yourself to the client. Having the latest technology at your disposal gives you an automatic edge and can be highly attractive to potential clients.

To give you a broader idea of how technology can benefit your company, consider these top benefits:

1. Greater Efficiency

Tech can help workers out in the field complete their jobs faster. For example, upgraded GPS tech can help a team complete grading tasks faster, getting it all done in one pass rather than having to check and regrade a few times before finishing. Those using the latest equipment and features in the industry have also reported their equipment helps them get tasks done faster, with fewer man-hours and equipment-hours required.

2. Improved Safety

Operating a piece of heavy machinery can be a daunting task, especially if you're in a tight space or around lots of other people. The newest construction equipment available provides detection technology to help operators stay aware of potential hazards and avoid accidents. With cameras and sensors outfitted on the equipment, your operators can be more aware of their environment. Other safety technology can also automatically alert relevant personnel in case of an accident.

3. Advanced Analytics 

Data is king, and the construction industry knows this. Software and sensors installed in equipment are increasingly popular, as they can help monitor a piece of equipment's efficiency, fuel performance, overall performance and maintenance schedule. As improved analytics become available, companies can learn more about their team's weak spots, ways to improve and areas where they're excelling. Information like this can help craft strategy and keep companies using only the best equipment for their needs.

4. Better Comfort 

The latest in construction technology continues to improve upon cab comfort in heavy equipment. More reliable heating and cooling units can keep your operators in total comfort, even in the worst of conditions. More ergonomic controls reduce strain on the operator, while LED interfaces make it easier for users to complete daily tasks.

5. More Automation

Many tedious tasks require heavy duty machinery. These tasks can often be monotonous and repetitive, causing operators to lose focus and resulting in injuries or mistakes. As technology continues to develop, more and more tasks can be automated away, reducing the chances of mistakes due to the loss of an operator's attention.

Why Technology in Equipment Rentals Is So Valuable

Access the Latest Technology by Renting 

Renting your construction equipment allows you to access the latest technologies at an affordable price soon after they are available. As new improvements roll out and transform equipment capabilities, you can keep up with them and reap the benefits in your team's productivity, efficiency and safety.

There are no long-term contracts binding you to an older model when you rent, so you can utilize the latest piece of technology without an in-depth commitment. This can help you get firsthand knowledge on whether or not the technology is worth using in the future for your business. If your operations improve with the technology, you can continue to rent the equipment with advanced capabilities. If you find your workers prefer a simpler layout for some machines, you can opt for less tech in your rentals. 

Essentially, renting gives you the power to choose exactly what you want on a project-by-project basis. Top dealers will always have the latest product lines with the newest technological offerings from equipment manufacturers. You can choose what works best for you and enjoy the competitive advantage technology provides. Having the latest equipment can help you win more project bids over your competitors, which can empower you to scale your business with rentals to accommodate growth.

Renting your construction equipment allows you to access the latest technologies at an affordable price soon after they are available.

Examples of Latest Technology Available for Rental Equipment 

Some of the latest technology you can take advantage of by renting is alternative power systems. You can receive diesel-electric hybrid machines that help you save fuel costs and be more environmentally friendly. As the industry continues to explore electrically powered equipment, you can eventually expect to see machines entirely powered by a battery. If you're renting, you can be the first to use these models when they become available.

Construction equipment also continues to see advancements in telematics. This new technology helps collect data on equipment and makes sure your machines operate at greater efficiency. Telematics devices assist users by improving decision-making, correcting operator behaviors and providing preventative maintenance warnings. In the future, we can only expect to see greater data-gathering abilities and new uses.

One of the major advances you can expect to improve continuously is a company's ability to use telematics devices to monitor operators and send alerts to managers when improper actions are being taken. For example, you might notice your wheel loader keeps getting pushed into engine overspeed, or it consistently coasts in neutral. These alerts can help your managers address inefficiencies with new training opportunities for struggling operators, helping them fix bad habits and become more effective.

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Take a look at our selection of rental equipment today. If you have any questions while browsing, feel free to contact your local dealer.

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As the industry continues to explore electrically powered equipment, you can eventually expect to see machines entirely powered by a battery.