All About Telehandlers

Construction companies, warehouse operators and similar organizations need the right equipment to work efficiently and effectively each day. Telehandlers are among the most popular pieces of equipment because of their many capabilities and how they support common tasks at construction sites and in similar environments.

If you're considering your equipment options, you may be searching for more information about telehandlers. To help you make the best decision for your operation, read on to learn all about telehandlers and how they can support your work.

Telehandler Facts

Telehandlers are closely related to traditional forklifts but with one key difference — they include booms, which helps them operate like a small crane. The articulating or telescopic boom extends both forward and upward from the telehandler, which gives the equipment a broad and helpful range of capabilities.

Telehandlers may also be called "boom lifts," "teleporters" or "telescopic handlers," so don't be confused if you see them listed under different names. Telehandlers are often attached with fork tines, but they can also be used with lifting jib, work platform and bucket attachments. Again, the ability to use several different attachments makes telehandlers incredibly versatile and valuable.

How Are Telehandlers Used?

Telehandlers are most often used in the construction, warehouse and agriculture industries. They are used to move loads from one place to another, often picking and placing loads from difficult-to-reach places. When used with a bucket attachment, telehandlers are adept at moving loads to and from places where more traditional loaders cannot go or cannot reach.

Why Choose Telehandlers vs. Other Equipment?

Some operators fall in love with all that telehandlers can do for their work and their business. Of course, telehandlers aren't the perfect solution everywhere. So how do you know if a telehandler is the right solution for you and your work?

First, consider a telehandler a replacement for forklifts and backhoe or wheeled loaders in many instances. You may rely on forklifts on a regular basis, but you may find that more traditional forklifts struggle to reach loads in some places. Telehandlers can often reach those more remote areas, giving you more capability than a traditional forklift. Similarly, when used with a bucket attachment, telehandlers can handle loads that backhoe or wheeled loaders struggle to reach.

Also, you may find that you need a single piece of equipment with a vast range of capabilities. If that's your situation, a telehandler with the right attachments could serve as that core piece of equipment you need to accomplish your work on a daily basis. Again, telehandlers aren't ideal for all situations — but their versatility makes them attractive in many cases.

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You don't always need to buy a telehandler. Sometimes a telehandler is helpful for a specific project or a fixed period of time, in which case a rental option makes perfect sense. At The Cat® Rental Store, we offer heavy equipment rentals to those working in construction, manufacturing, landscaping and similar industries.

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