Attachments for Making the Perfect Lawn

A manicured lawn enhances the appearance and value of the property. When creating a lawn for your customer, you may need to enlist the use of heavy-duty machinery, like loaders, backhoes, telehandlers and excavators. However, having the right machines in your fleet isn't enough — they must have the right attachments on them to dig, grade, till and perform other tasks.

Here are some landscaping attachments you may need to make your perfect lawn.


One of the most versatile and popular add-ons, forks work well as a landscaping attachment. The fork attachment lifts and transports pallets with ease, and it can also be used on other landscaping items, like bags of fertilizer and sod and decorations. Forks are available in many different styles so you can pick the variety that works best for your needs.


The trench attachment will dig straight into the earth, cutting through roots, weeds and other debris. It leaves behind a narrow trench for underground wires for landscaping lighting, drainage, pipes and sprinklers. There are many trencher sizes available for cutting different trench widths.

Stump Grinders

Stump grinders cut away at tree stumps — even to the roots several inches underground — to remove them and create a smooth, even surface. Their main advantage is their torque, which is balanced for quick and even grinding. A stump grinder will easily cut through any root and stump thickness.


Augers are designed for hole digging, a task that's integral to planting shrubs and trees and setting in foundations and supports for fences and decks. The holes they dig are uniform in size and depth. There are many drill head bits available to provide the best drilling through various materials, including rough terrain with trees and rocks.


Rakes are both a useful and efficient choice in landscaping attachments. The rake attachment has sturdy, sharp teeth that will prep the soil for planting while bringing up underground debris. Their generous widths help you cover more ground with each pass. There are many styles available that can clean up debris, condition the soil, and level and grade the ground.


Sometimes called rollers, compactors will smooth out and compress the ground at your landscaping site. A compactor can pack soil, sand and gravel and even out concrete and asphalt, delivering a high-force performance that gives you the compaction you desire in fewer passes.


Tillers sift through the soil to break up chunks, incorporate nourishment for plants and level the terrain to prepare the dirt for planting. Just set your tiller rental and its blades will dig into the soil at your preferred depth.

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