How to Avoid Common Construction Mistakes

How to Avoid Common Construction Mistakes

Making mistakes is a part of the human experience. Any project you complete is bound to have some missteps and renegotiations. However, when it comes to construction, some errors are so common that you can anticipate them — which means you can take steps to prevent them before they happen.

At The Cat® Rental Store, we've seen enough projects underway to identify which construction and operation errors tend to be most costly to our clients. That's why we've gathered this list of construction mistakes and developed some strategies for avoiding them.

Mistake 1 — Not Having a Plan or Communicating It

Every great project starts with a plan. Without a plan, you won't have a set idea for how you'll approach your job, navigate obstacles, and ultimately complete your work on time and under budget. More importantly, no one else will know either, leading to a breakdown in communication and a lack of direction, which can waste time and money until you all get on the same page.

How to Fix It

Before you take any action, sit down with your management team and devise your plan together. Document it in as much detail as possible, including information like:

  • Proposed start and end dates
  • Necessary equipment, tools and team members
  • Where you'll get your supplies
  • The order in which you plan to complete each part of the project

Mistake 2 — Ordering the Wrong Equipment

Once you know what you're doing, you're ready to rent your equipment for the days you plan to tackle the applicable tasks. However, if you order without a clear vision or consult with a dealer who doesn't completely understand what you're doing, you can end up with equipment that doesn't handle the job efficiently. Then, you have to contact the dealer, discuss what went wrong, and do the research to make sure you get the right tools the second time around.

How to Prevent It

Start by understanding exactly what operations you need your equipment to complete throughout your project. If you have a detailed plan, you may already have this information. Take note of any special requirements that regular equipment may not be able to handle and find what tools will be most helpful in those endeavors, even if that means ordering another piece of machinery. You might also consider multipurpose equipment that's capable of handling a range of operations.

Mistake 3 — Not Putting Safety First

Every construction worker knows safety should be of the utmost importance on the job. When you're in the middle of planning a project with dozens of moving parts, it can be easy to brush off in favor of getting everything you need and starting on your project right away. However, safety training, monitoring and management are crucial to protecting your team and the equipment you use, especially if you're renting it and ultimately need to return it to the dealer.

Make Your Operations Safer

As soon as you order your equipment, find a manual or the safety guidelines attached to it. You may be able to begin parts of your training before the equipment is on-site, saving time and allowing your team to get to work as soon as it arrives. Once your equipment does come, have a technician look it over and perform a risk assessment. With potential hazards identified, your team can watch out for them and be aware of any challenges.

Mistake 4 — Choosing the Wrong Rental Supplier

Finally, just as you want to order the correct equipment for your jobs, you want to ensure the equipment comes from a reliable provider. A quick online search will present you with dozens of options, but any engineer will tell you that most of them are not viable.

As you consider which brand you want to start a professional relationship with, do a bit of research so you know whether they'll be a good match. Testimonials and online user reviews are great places to start, as they can give you a complete picture of what your experience with a certain dealer will look like.

Fix It With The Cat® Rental Store

When The Cat Rental Store supplies your grounds with equipment, you can feel confident that your rental provider is looking out for you. Your local Cat dealer will have skilled technicians responsible for inspecting and maintaining your rentals to keep them in peak condition for you. 

Whatever heavy-duty equipment you need, your nearby location of The Cat Rental Store will make sure you can get it on time and ready to work. Contact us today and tell us about your plans, and we'll help you avoid construction mistakes and discover the perfect tools for the job. Or, you can start browsing our rental equipment yourself and submit your custom order request.