Why Renting Equipment Makes Sense

When operating a successful business, it’s essential to maximize your available resources while minimizing overall operating costs.

One of the most effective methods for maintaining effective operations is renting your construction and maintenance equipment. While ownership opportunities for high-end equipment may seem alluring, renting your necessary operating equipment allows you to you reduce risks and maximize opportunities.

For most modern and savvy business owners from construction to landscaping industries, renting machinery is the most viable solution for ensuring long-term business success. Equipment rentals have substantially grown in recent years due to its undeniable benefits, including:

  1. Flexible short-term project availability: For many industries, balancing and managing multiple projects at once is a normal practice and sharing equipment between different locations isn’t feasible. When working on several short-term jobs at once, it’s likely more cost-effective, timely and practical to rent equipment versus sharing.
  2. New revenue sources: Certain projects likely require specialized equipment to complete the job in a timely, effective and correct way and purchasing certain tools may not be financially secure. By renting equipment you can save on upfront costs and expand your offerings.
  3. Access to the latest technology: Technology is constantly evolving and with the competitive equipment rental market, companies are highly encouraged to always remain up-to-date with the latest machinery and technology available. By having access to the latest equipment models and features, you can complete jobs faster and more efficiently while ensuring all machinery is compliant with the latest safety and industry regulations.
  4. Lower operating and maintenance expenses: When you own equipment, you must factor routine maintenance expenses, unexpected repair costs and professional training and salaries into your overall operating expenses throughout the duration of the machine’s lifespan. With rentals, you can eliminate these expenses, only worrying about these costs if they’re included in your rental agreement.
  5. Reduced equipment storage needs and costs: For large pieces of equipment, you must make sure your facility can accommodate long-term storage to minimize damage to your tools — you can't just keep them outside where they could become damaged when exposed to inclement weather. Expansive storage facilities can cost a significant amount of money, greatly increasing your company’s overhead.

A Range of Quality Rental Equipment at The Cat® Rental Store

At The Cat® Rental Store, we offer the most diverse selection of construction equipment to accommodate a wide range of different project and maintenance needs. Our team is happy to work with you to find specific solutions that fit within your job expectations, completion schedules, and budget needs.

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