Benefits of Using a Road Widener

Widening roadways requires high-quality equipment to get the job done. A road widener is a machine specifically designed for this task, and using one can provide many benefits for your road construction project. 

What Is a Road Widener?

A road widener is a type of heavy machinery used to grade and slope roadway materials like asphalt, road stone, gravel and dirt. The machine features a hopper that holds materials and a hydraulic belt that delivers them to either side of the widener. The strike-off tool attached to the widener levels the material to the desired slope and grade in just one pass, without leaving excess material behind. 

Wideners expand roads and create road shoulders up to 14 feet wide. They can also work up to 12 feet below grade to fill trenches and 12 feet above grade to create walkways and bike paths. 

Traditional Widening Process vs. Road Widener Process

With a traditional road widening process, the material is dumped onto the ground by a dump truck. The material is graded in an initial pass and then graded again in a final pass. The last step is a broom sweep to achieve the finished product. 

When you use a road widener, the machine handles all steps of the process. Material is dumped directly into the widener's hopper, and the widener distributes, grades and levels the material.

Why Use a Road Widener?

There are many benefits of using a road widener, including:

1. Productivity

Road wideners offer easy material handling and fast working speeds of up to 730 feet per minute, enabling your crew to cover much more ground than possible with traditional widening methods.

2. Precision

The strike-off tool allows you to set exact slope and grade specifications, reducing the number of passes and eliminating the need for additional equipment and labor.

3. Power

With a high-powered Cat® engine, you'll get maximum productivity with minimal fuel consumption. 

4. Versatility

Road wideners can be used for many road construction applications, including lane and service road additions, trench filling and shoulder paving.

5. Simplicity

Road wideners have intuitively designed operator controls for straightforward handling. They are also easy to clean and maintain, saving your crew time and helping them get the job done faster. 

How Can a Road Widener Rental Help My Business?

Save even more time and money on your next road construction project by renting a road widener. A rental allows you to:

  • Use high-quality equipment without a large financial investment upfront.
  • Eliminate repair, maintenance and storage expenses.
  • Try out a machine before you buy it.
  • Get a task-specific model that meets all your requirements.

Road Widener Rentals From The Cat® Rental Store

The Cat Rental Store gives you access to an extensive inventory of construction equipment from our worldwide dealer network. Depending on availability, you'll find road wideners with various depths, working widths and turning radiuses to meet your specific needs.

Give us a call at 1-800-RENT-CAT or search our dealers' equipment online to learn more about our road widener rentals.

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