The Benefits of a Rock Crusher

The Benefits of a Rock Crusher

Construction sites can become cluttered and messy toward the end of a job, and cleanup can consume a lot of your workers' time. Tools to expedite the job site cleanup process are highly valuable, especially those that handle the most difficult aspects. A rock crusher can be beneficial when your crew needs to gather and dispose of raw materials after a construction or demolition project. 

How Do Rock Crushers Work?

Rock crushers are large machines that break stone, concrete, brick or other hard materials into smaller pieces. A rock crusher consists of either a hopper or belt that sends larger materials toward a jaw, roller or gyratory crusher. The hard material will pass through the crusher and exit on the other side either onto a pile, into a bin or onto another crusher for an extra-fine finished product. Many rock crushers feature tracks for independent mobility. 

Real Benefits Your Crew Can Experience

A rock crusher can be a useful tool during construction and demolition (C&D) projects. Here are some of the most valuable benefits of using a rock crusher:

Simplify Material Transportation

As your C&D project comes to a close, you'll need to find something to do with your excess hard materials and a way to transport them to their final destination. A rock crusher makes the transportation process more manageable by breaking the materials into smaller pieces. 

After crusher treatment, more excess stone, brick or concrete will fit into a dump truck. As a result, your workers will be able to transport waste in fewer trips so they can move on to the next job. 

While crushing hard materials into smaller chunks speeds up transportation, it also makes the materials easier for your crew to handle. Lugging large pieces from one pile to another can be arduous, while fine material is easier to load onto a wheelbarrow or buggy

Capitalize on Construction Waste

Another benefit of using a rock crusher is that it can open new opportunities for your company to earn profit. In recent years, construction waste has grown to new heights. Analysts predict that global construction waste will reach 2.2 billion tons every year by 2025. Spiking waste statistics have resulted in higher demand for recycled products. As a result, businesses can earn more than $12 per metric ton when they sell crushed stone, and the dollar amount rises with each year. 

With a rock crusher in your fleet, you can turn your construction waste into cash. What's more, committing to recycling construction materials helps create hundreds of thousands of jobs, as seen in a 2016 EPA report. Using a rock crusher makes life easier for your crew and everyone in the industry. 

Find a Rock Crusher for Your Fleet

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