The Benefits of Using a Wood Chipper

The Benefits of Using a Wood Chipper

Wood chippers can reduce large, unwieldy trees and brush that's difficult to transport into valuable materials for recycling. As it allows you to reuse natural resources and provides an environmentally friendly disposal method, using a woodchipper is preferable to alternatives such as burning. Wood chippers even give you the choice to turn your organic waste into compost and mulch to nourish your land. 

Depending on your operation, renting one of these machines may be a more effective option for your business than investing in one of your own. You'll have all the benefits of using a wood chipper without having to deal with maintenance, storage or asset depreciation. Learn more about the benefits of renting and using a wood chipper from the pros at The Cat® Rental Store.

Enables Recycling

Wood chippers allow you to turn organic matter that would otherwise have gone to a landfill or be burned into useful recycled materials. This option will save money since you won't have to pay someone to handle your waste material, and it comes with the additional benefit of leaving you with useful byproducts that you can use for yourself or sell. 

Wood chippers are most frequently used to create mulch to nurture and protect plants without having to pay any extra for fertilizers or weeding products. By shredding instead of chipping, you can turn old wood into compost. Wood chips can also be used to produce pressed wood, which is used for making pallets and even some furniture items. This capability makes selling wood chips a viable option and can help offset the cost of your wood chipper rental.

Wood chips are valued for their use as renewable energy as well — when turned into biofuel, wood chips can even power cars and other equipment. 

Provides an Alternative to Burning Waste

While burning produces significant emissions and can take hours to complete, wood chippers allow you to quickly get rid of unwanted wood. Burning wood results in sparks that prove dangerous in dry, windy environments, and windborne ash can risk public health by polluting groundwater, soil and bodies of water. By using a wood chipper instead of burning, you help preserve the environment and receive a valuable byproduct that can be used to nurture the nature around your property. 

Makes Material Easier to Transport

Trees are cumbersome, unwieldy and challenging to remove from your property, and they often require a professional to transport and dispose of the remnants. Wood chippers help make your waste materials easier to transport by reducing them to small, manageable pieces. 

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Renting a wood chipper is great for when you need to break down organic waste and dispose of the mess. The Cat Rental Store carries various high-quality wood and brush chippers that allow you to break down your trees and brush while creating a valuable byproduct. As a full-service wood chipper rental provider, we have everything you need to get your wood chipper rental up and running. 

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