Should You Buy or Rent a Light Tower?

Should You Buy or Rent a Light Tower?

When you're working during off-hours, light towers are among the most vital tools on your work site. With a light tower, your construction business can increase your workers' safety and greatly reduce the amount of time necessary to complete a project. However, if your construction company doesn't frequently perform overnight work, you may be on the fence on whether to buy or rent a light tower. 

At The Cat® Rental Store, we know that construction doesn't end when the sun goes down, so we carry a large variety of electric and diesel light towers. Learn more about whether your business should buy or rent a light tower from the experts at The Cat Rental Store. 

Pros of Buying a Light Tower

Many companies that perform frequent overnight operations benefit greatly from making light towers part of their owned fleet. Purchasing your own light tower comes with the following advantages: 

  • Consistent access to a light tower for your overnight projects 
  • Knowing that your equipment will pay for itself
  • Assurance that your employees will always have the appropriate training to man your equipment

Cons of Buying a Light Tower

While many businesses prefer to purchase their own light towers, buying one may end up costing you more money than you save. Depending on your circumstances, investing in a light tower can come with several disadvantages: 

  • Significant upfront investment that usually starts at $10,000
  • Different power requirements, with some models requiring expensive, large-capacity generators
  • Accountability for the cost of repairs and upgrades to your equipment
  • No one-size-fits-all option for projects requiring different illumination levels

Pros of Renting a Light Tower

Depending on your operation, renting a light tower may be the most cost-effective option for your company. When you rent a light tower instead of purchasing your own, you'll receive the following advantages: 

  • A variety of options that are best suited for your project's illumination requirements
  • Option to choose between LEDs and metal halide lights to fit your project
  • Ability to choose various additional light tower features on an as-needed basis
  • Access to the newest advancements in light tower technology with no added cost
  • Room for experimentation with new equipment without making a big investment
  • Constant access to professionals ready to service your rental equipment
  • No need to create or designate storage space since you return the unit when you're done
  • Eliminates the risk of asset depreciation and preserves your capital 

Shop Light Tower Rentals From The Cat® Rental Store

No matter how demanding or specific your equipment needs are, you can find the right equipment for your project at The Cat Rental Store. We're more than a rental service — we're a full-service equipment provider ready to solve any problem you bring to us. Our dealer network carries products from more than 70 leading OEM companies, and we only rent equipment that stands up to our rigorous standards for quality and reliability. 

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