Can Anyone Rent an Aerial Lift?

Can Anyone Rent an Aerial Lift?

Aerial lift equipment like boom lifts and scissor lifts enables workers to perform various tasks at heights. While keeping these machines in peak operating condition is essential for ensuring safety, your crew members must also know how to use the equipment correctly. 

Are you considering an aerial lift rental for your business? You'll need to be able to show you have the qualifications and credentials to operate it safely. 

What You Need Before Renting an Aerial Lift

Because of the inherent dangers associated with operating aerial lift equipment, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has developed and implemented a set of stringent certification and training standards for mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs). These guidelines apply to boom lifts, scissor lifts, aerial ladders, vertical towers and several other equipment types. 

Candidates can complete the certification process online at their convenience. Everyone who meets the requirements receives an operator's card, enabling them to drive any aerial lift equipment type. 

Who Must Obtain OSHA Certification?

OSHA requires anyone working around MEWPs to complete the OSHA 10 training program covering essential workplace safety steps. Additional MEWP training enables the candidate to earn a license for operating specific vehicles. After completing the training, operators must pass an exam to receive a license. Operators must renew their certifications every three years, although employers may require a more frequent recertification process if desired. 

Who Is Qualified to Provide OSHA-Compliant Certification Training?

Generally, a supervisor responsible for training new aerial lift operators can guide workers through the certification process, provided they have passed the OSHA 30 exam. This individual should also be designated as the company's workplace safety officer. 

What Are the Benefits of Online Certification Training?

While qualified trainers can provide in-person certification training, the online method is often preferable for several reasons:

  • Enables trainees to view the videos whenever their schedule allows
  • Allows them to focus on the areas and equipment that apply to their specific job functions
  • Eliminates concerns about the instructor forgetting or overlooking essential program components
  • Avoids the need to reschedule missed classes
  • Delivers better results for workers who are uncomfortable or don't do well in classroom settings

Consequences for Allowing Untrained Individuals to Operate an Aerial Lift

Letting an improperly trained, uncertified individual operate an aerial lift rental or not following the mandated safety procedures can have severe consequences for your company. You could receive a substantial fine for each violation, which increases with subsequent infractions. Criminal charges are also possible if a violation results in a work-related accident. 

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