How to Choose Which Hand-Held Cutoff Concrete Saw to Rent

A hand-held cutoff concrete saw is a vital piece of equipment for many concrete applications. Whether you're using it to cut through infrastructure wreckage, perform demolition work or make cuts in concrete walls, cutoff saws provide the power and performance your business needs. 

If you're looking to rent a hand-held concrete saw for your next project, there are several different types to choose from. 

What Is a Cutoff Saw?

A cutoff saw is a hand-held, two-stroke machine that uses either a diamond or composite-resin wheel to cut through concrete. Cutoff saws can be used for a variety of concrete applications and are highly portable.

Types of Hand-Held Cutoff Saws

Hand-held concrete saws are either battery-powered, gas-powered or corded. The right type for your application depends on the amount of power and mobility you need.

Battery-Powered Cutoff Saws

Battery-powered cutoff saws are cordless, highly versatile machines. They are straightforward to start and require minimal maintenance. Unlike corded cutoff saws, battery-powered models do not require access to a power source, so you can move them easily around your job site. Battery-powered cutoff saws can also be used indoors and outdoors safely, unlike gas-powered saws that must be used outside or in very well-ventilated areas. 

However, cordless saws are often less powerful than gas and corded models. They also need to be recharged between uses, making them best for quicker, lighter-duty jobs.

Battery-powered cutoff saws are ideal for cutting in residential areas, thanks to their quiet, zero-emissions performance. 

Gas-Powered Cutoff Saws

Gas-powered cutoff saws are extremely powerful. They have an internal combustion engine that makes them run faster and longer than battery-powered or corded saws. The engine requires gas and oil to run, so it will require regular refueling.

Gas-powered cutoff saws are heavier and therefore not as portable as battery-powered models. They're also loud and expel fumes while running, so they are best for use outdoors.

If you have a large demolition job or another heavy industrial project to tackle, a gas-powered cutoff saw is an excellent choice.

Corded Cutoff Saws

Corded cutoff saws plug into an electrical outlet for power. They are lightweight, easy to transport and provide more power and longer run times than battery-operated saws. However, they are usually not as powerful as gas cutoff saws. 

Because they must be plugged into a power source, corded saws offer limited mobility and often require an extension cord. They are louder than battery-powered saws, but they are well suited to indoor applications because of their zero-emissions operation. 

Hand-Held Cutoff Concrete Saw Rentals From The Cat® Rental Store

Whatever type of hand-held cutoff concrete saw you are looking for, you'll find high-quality models for rent when you search The Cat® Rental Store. If you need a cutoff saw for one-time or occasional use, renting is a great option. Renting a hand-held cutoff saw is also ideal for temporarily replacing your primary saw or trying out a model before you buy it. 

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