How to Choose the Correct Kind of Rammer

How to Choose the Correct Kind of Rammer

Could your construction business benefit from a lightweight, easy-to-handle tool for compacting loose soil? Rammers are the right equipment for the job. A rammer is a motorized, hand-steered machine that can compact small areas quickly and efficiently. You can use this equipiment to compress cohesive and semi-cohesive soil surfaces. Rammers are helpful for flooring, road and pavement repair projects, construction trenches and foundations, and any other job that requires flattening earth or soil. 

Rammers feature gas, diesel or electric engines that create a vibration, enabling a plate to compact the soil. This equipment delivers a high-impact force at a frequency range of 500 to 750 blows per minute. Most rammers used in soil compaction applications weigh between 75 and 120 pounds, enabling one person to operate the machine at the job site. 

What Are the Types of Rammers You Can Rent?

If you're looking to rent a rammer for your soil compaction applications, you have several options:


2-cycle rammers feature a relatively simple 2-stroke diesel engine with fewer moving parts and a robust design. These units produce a higher number of blows per minute and a strong compaction force. They also have the highest shoe stroke in the market, which is beneficial when working in higher elevations. While some models may not comply with today's stringent emissions standards, many now include catalytic converters so that they can be compliant with EPA regulations. 


4-cycle or 4-stroke rammers are the most common type used at construction sites and other locations that require fast, efficient soil compaction. They feature gasoline engines that produce lower emissions than their 2-cycle counterparts. Many of the newer 4-cycle models operate with a Honda GX100 engine that enables them to compact soil at sharper angles. One drawback to using these machines is that the gasoline engine can lose some of its power at higher altitudes. 


These rammers offer an emissions-free solution when working in poorly ventilated areas like trenches and indoor construction and renovation sites. This equipment is a quieter option for compacting soil near sound-sensitive places like hospitals, churches or office buildings. They operate via battery power that delivers the equivalent force of a gasoline unit. These rammers also have a maintenance-free electric motor that operators can start by pressing a button. The lower vibration reduces the strain on users' hands and arms during a long day of work.

What to Consider When Choosing a Rammer for Your Applications

For most companies, a 4-cycle rammer will serve their soil compaction needs. These models are the most advanced technology on the market and have overcome obstacles that previously hindered rammer performance. They're also more likely to comply with the emissions requirements that directly impact construction equipment choices for U.S.-based businesses. 

The 4-cycle rammers can also operate more efficiently than 2-cycle models. They provide lubrication through the crankcase instead of the fuel supply, which prevents oil from burning within the cylinders, reduces fuel build-up and minimizes gumming.

However, there are situations when selecting a 2-cycle or battery-powered rammer will yield the best outcome. For instance, a 2-stroke unit can deliver more reliable performance if your project requires soil compaction at higher elevations. Or, if you want to reduce fuel consumption, eliminate noise or protect the environment, a battery-powered rammer can meet your requirements without sacrificing performance and productivity. 

You should also consider the equipment manufacturer when choosing a rammer for your soil compaction projects. You will benefit from selecting a brand with an outstanding reputation for quality, reliability and safety. Ensure your machinery meets your standards in other crucial areas, as well, such as environmental protection and emissions compliance. 

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