Tips for Choosing the Right Compaction Equipment Rental

Compaction is an essential step in many construction jobs. It removes the air pockets within the soil through force, which offers benefits such as:

  • Enhanced soil stability
  • Increased soil load-bearing capabilities
  • Decreased soil settling
  • Lowered soil shrinkage
  • Reduced water seepage, contraction and swelling

To get the exact compaction your work requires, you must choose the right equipment. Here are our tips for how to decide which machinery options to use.

How to Choose Compaction Equipment

There are a few tips for choosing the right compaction rental, including:

Identify the Soil Type

There are two types of compactable soil — granular and cohesive. The particles in granular soil vary in size from fine sand to medium gravel. Cohesive soil particles are very small silts and clays that are bound together.

Knowing the soil type at your job site will determine the way you compact it, as the two soil types vary on what kind of compacting works best for them. Granular soil needs vibratory compaction and cohesive soils require impact force.

Consider Your Job Site Specifications

Compaction equipment needs may vary between job sites. The primary limit is the physical space — is there sufficient room to operate the machine? If the site is spacious, you may need a larger unit so you can accomplish more in fewer passes. You should also consider the terrain — if it is steep, your machinery needs to be able to operate properly at an angle.

Get the Correct Compactor Type

The types of compaction equipment differ in how they pack the soil. The three main types are:

  • Static: These machines use their own weight to compress the soil particles.
  • Vibratory: The vibrations shake the particles to separate clumps and reduce friction, allowing them to fall close together.
  • Impact: The triangle, rectangle or pentagon-shaped pads forcefully drive down into the soil for deep compaction.

The type you need will depend on the soil type and your desired depth and density requirements.

Compaction Equipment Rental Options

The Cat® Rental Store has many kinds of compaction equipment available for rent, including:

  • Rollers: Our rollers will compact soil, waste and more for landscaping and construction jobs.
  • Plate compactors: Plate compactors will work with efficiency in narrow spaces and on many kinds of materials.
  • Rammers: Rammers provide fast stroke rates up to 750 per minute for powerful impact or vibratory compaction with each pass. A rammer typically works well in small areas.
  • Ride-on rollers: These rollers have widths up to 47 inches and are suited for a variety of large compacting jobs.
  • Walk-behind rollers: Our walk-behind rollers are available in both single and double drums that provide forceful compaction on a variety of materials in small-scale projects.

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