Choosing the Right Skid Loader for Your Operation

Since its invention in the late 1950s, the skid steer loader has become one of the most popular heavy equipment types. These agile, versatile machines can handle a wide range of loading, material handling, earthmoving and digging tasks with ease. Their compact design and smaller footprint enable skid steers to maneuver in confined spaces.

The Cat® Rental Store in your area offers several skid steer loader models for rent by Caterpillar, the world's most recognized and respected heavy equipment brand. Cat skid steers combine power, efficiency, maneuverability and safety in one easy-to-operate machine. A skid steer rental is ideal for bolstering your fleet to meet increased demand, replacing a unit that's undergoing repairs or meeting any other temporary need.

How to Choose the Best Skid Loader

While all skid steers can perform the same tasks, you'll find a few differences between models. Here's what to consider when you're choosing a loader for your applications:

  • Size: Not all skid steers are the same size. A bigger loader will deliver more power, although it may not perform as well in tight spots. A larger machine may also accommodate work tool attachments more efficiently.
  • Lifting mechanism: Skid steers come in radial-lift and vertical-lift configurations. The latter option is likely the better choice for performing tasks above eye-level due to the extra lift height and bucket reach. A radial-lift unit works well for fine grading jobs.
  • Cab: The comfort of your operators is another consideration you should make when you're choosing a skid steer loader. You'll want a model with a cab that's easy to enter and exit, has accessible, user-friendly controls and minimizes exposure to dust and noise. Excellent visibility is a crucial safety factor as well.
  • Attachments: A valuable benefit of renting a skid steer is that you can equip it with an assortment of attachments to maximize its versatility. Options include hammersmulchersrakes, cold planers and saws, to name a few. You'll need to decide which tools are best for your applications — and make sure they're compatible with the specific model you're renting.
  • Additional features: If you're planning to work before dawn or at night, a skid steer with lights is mandatory. Tire type is another factor to consider. For example, solid rubber tires won't go flat, but they'll provide a bumpier ride on rough terrain.

Why Rent Skid Steers From The Cat® Rental Store?

Aside from offering a wide selection of Cat skid steer loaders at competitive daily, weekly, monthly and long-term rates, The Cat Rental Store will deliver excellent service with your rental. We'll help you select the right model (and attachments) for your applications and budget. We'll also take care of all maintenance and repair issues and provide operator training if needed.

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