Tips for Keeping Public Roads Clean at Construction Site Access Points

Tips for Keeping Public Roads Clean at Construction Site Access Points

Public roads are essential to the infrastructure that makes our world run smoothly, but they can become dangerous and unkempt when overrun by construction crews. At The Cat® Rental Store, we connect you with the equipment and support you need to keep public roads clean at site access points while on a construction job.

6 Tips for Achieving Clean Roads Near Construction Sites

When it comes to construction near roads, cleanliness is a must. These tips for road construction sites will help you keep public roads cleaner:

1. Keep the Lanes Clear

One of the most important things you can do to keep public roads clean at your construction site is ensuring lanes stay clear. Clear-cut routes minimize public road disruption and make it easier for essential personnel to enter and exit the work zone. Cones, jersey-style barriers and other traffic control devices placed at regular intervals can help create a visible barrier between the construction location and the rest of the road.

2. Remove Trash and Debris Daily

For a site to be considered clean, it must be free of litter and debris. You may receive complaints if your site is poorly maintained, especially if it impedes normal traffic flow. Make it a habit to remove trash and debris daily at your public road access points. Those without a regular schedule for cleaning up litter may even get fined by the city or county's regulatory agencies for failing to maintain the site.

3. Designate an Equipment Storage Area

While it may seem convenient to keep equipment out in the open, you should designate a storage area for your construction site's equipment to control access points and increase safety for those in the vicinity. This level of organization will also boost efficiency and productivity by reducing the time workers spend looking for materials and curbing the risk of accidents and theft.

4. Use Proper Lighting and Signage

To keep your public roads clean and safe during construction, we recommend using proper lighting and signage to help pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles navigate the area safely. You may also consider renting variable message boards or arrow panels to distinguish between zones.

5. Maintain the Machinery

Unsafe conditions due to broken equipment — or even just dirty equipment — can inhibit your ability to do your job effectively and efficiently. Watch for rust and corrosion on machinery you own and ensure you're keeping up with prescribed maintenance schedules. If you rent through The Cat Rental Store, your local Cat dealer's team will take care of any upkeep needed during the rental term.

6. Prepare for All Weather 

When working on a construction site, you need to be ready to handle any weather. Form a plan that accounts for your local climate and potential conditions that could cause ground instability affecting access points. With gear dedicated to stabilizing your site, you can protect your building materials, stay on schedule and keep roads around your construction site clean and safe.

Rent the Proper Road Cleaning Equipment

Rental equipment like sweepers and water tanks features designs specifically engineered to clean construction zones. If you desire, Cat technicians will deliver road cleaning equipment directly to your site for your convenience. At The Cat Rental Store, we meticulously maintain all of our rented equipment, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your project.

Equipment to Keep Your Construction Site Clean

If you need equipment that will help you stay on top of your road-cleaning responsibilities, consider:

  1. Sweepers: One of the most common pieces of equipment used to keep roads clean during construction, sweepers feature brooms to collect any dirt, debris and other trash that might have accumulated on the road.
  2. Water trucks: Often used in combination with sweepers, water trucks spray water on roads during construction to keep the dust down and preserve the health of those around the site.
  3. Snow removal equipment: From versatile wheel loaders to commercial-grade snow plows, our wide rental equipment selection includes the snow removal equipment necessary to keep your access points open and public roads clean.

Rent Whatever You Need From People Who Do Whatever It Takes

When you need to rent equipment, you want to ensure it'll last the duration of your project. At The Cat Rental Store, we offer flexible rental periods and access to a wide range of machines and solutions — even when you call at the last minute. We ensure all of our equipment is maintained by expert technicians who are well-versed in the latest technology, giving our renters absolute confidence in what we have to offer. Find the closest location near you!