How to Be Sure Your Construction Equipment Is the Right Size

When you're looking to rent heavy equipment for your construction business, you'll have no shortage of options from which to choose. One of the most important factors to consider during the selection process is the size of the machine. Using excavators as an example, you can find models ranging from mini (approximately 18,500 pounds) to large (more than 190,000 pounds). 

With such a wide range of options available, choosing the right size for your project can be a challenge. A reputable rental provider like The Cat® Rental Store will make certain that you're selecting a machine that is the right match for your applications.

How to Choose the Right Size Construction Equipment 

We've assembled the following sizing tips to guide you during your selection process:

  • Ground conditions: Are you working on soft or muddy terrain? A smaller machine will provide better traction in these challenging conditions. A heavier, bulkier model is more likely to get bogged down or tear up the ground.
  • Job demands: Smaller machines might not be up to the challenge of demanding applications that require heavy digging, loading or material handling. They're not as efficient when moving high volumes of materials. A larger model will provide the extra power you need for these heavy-duty applications. 
  • Space considerations: Some job sites contain obstacles or don't offer much room for maneuvering equipment. In these situations, you might benefit from renting a smaller model.
  • Upfront cost: You can expect to pay more for a large machine than a smaller version, but the upfront costs shouldn't necessarily be the determining factor. A bigger model may allow you to complete your projects faster, which means you'll need it for less time. Since you won't have it as long, you might end up paying less overall. 
  • Operating costs: If you go with a larger piece of equipment with a bigger engine, remember to account for the higher fuel costs. If you rent for an extended time period, the additional expenses can add up.
  • Mobility: Do you need equipment you can move easily around the site? Do you plan on hauling it from one job site to another? Smaller, compact models are more mobile than their larger counterparts. You'll spend less time and effort moving them, which can help you meet tight project deadlines. 

The Cat® Rental Store Can Help You Make the Right Decision

The team at The Cat Rental Store near you will ask the right questions to help you select an appropriate machine size. You'll get the best value for your money, and you'll also get equipment that will perform to your expectations. With our fast, hassle-free process, you'll have your rental on the job in no time.

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