Tips for Construction Equipment Rental

Contractors and construction companies of all sizes can only take advantage of opportunities if they have access to the right equipment at the right time. The costs associated with owning equipment mean it might not always feasible for a construction company to have all the equipment it needs immediately on hand.

Fortunately, construction equipment rental solutions — such as those offered by The Cat® Rental Store — provide convenience, selection and reliability that can benefit construction companies when new projects and profit margins are on the line. Read on to discover the truth about the rising trend of renting construction equipment and why working with Caterpillar to access the equipment you need is such an ideal formula.

Construction Equipment Rental Guide From The Cat® Rental Store

Even just a couple of decades ago, the large majority of construction companies — from home builders to demolition crews — owned almost all of the equipment they used. But with the rise of technology, the Internet of Things and the changing demands on the construction industry since the recession, many contractors have found that renting equipment from a trusted source like The Cat Rental Store gives them a newfound versatility when it comes to which jobs they can accept and bid on.

According to Construction Today Magazine and statistics from the American Rental Association, the use of rental equipment in the construction industry has steadily risen over the course of the past decade and a half — from 42% in 2003 to over 54% today. That 12% rise represents more than an increase in construction rental offers. It’s also in large part due to the overall reliability that a world-class brand like Caterpillar brings to the rental market.

Construction Equipment Rental Tips

Of course, there are many reasons that working with The Cat Rental Store to access the equipment you need makes sense. With well over 1,300 locations nationally and internationally, we looked carefully at some of the most popular advantages that renting construction equipment offers our customers. Subsequently, we put together the following list of factors to consider when you need fast access to high-quality equipment:

  • Flexible rental terms: When jobs come along, you need to react quickly. That’s why we offer some of the most flexible rental terms in the industry — from short- to long-term rentals — backed by our 24/7 support hotline and well-trained team of equipment experts.
  • Wide product selection: From aerial equipment and telehandlers to skid steers and mini excavators, we carry one of the widest selections of construction rental equipment you’ll find anywhere. In addition, we stock air compressors, power generation equipment and even work tool attachments, so you'll always have the right equipment for the job you’re on — even if it’s a last-minute replacement for one of your own machines that suddenly breaks down.
  • Safety and reliability: You can count on our equipment to perform safely and reliably from the moment you start it up. Our factory-trained Cat technicians do a thorough inspection of each piece of rental equipment after check-in and prior to check-out, so you'll always get a machine that’s up to the task at hand.
  • Reduced costs: Why pay maintenance, repair and storage costs for an oversized fleet you don’t always use? With the option to rent, you can avoid many of the costs associated with ownership — yet still always have access to the latest equipment with the newest technology.
  • The chance to try before you buy: If you’re on the fence about which piece of earthmoving equipment makes the most sense for your business, a smart strategy is to rent one first and try it out. That way, by the time you realize a compact track loader is exactly what you want, you haven’t bought a full-sized dozer instead.
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