Tips for Construction Site Lighting

In the construction business, visibility and safety go hand-in-hand. Knowing how to keep construction sites bright and safe is paramount for nighttime operations and work in poor lighting conditions. Proper lighting can also provide valuable security benefits, as the illumination deters thieves who target unoccupied job sites at night.

The right lighting is essential for meeting today's increasingly stringent safety guidelines. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and each state's Department of Transportation (DOT) implement specific lighting standards for nighttime illumination at job sites. You must choose high-quality lighting equipment and place them correctly to ensure compliance and avoid costly fines and penalties.

Exploring Your Construction Lighting Options

If you're looking to light up a job site, you have plenty of lighting choices:

  • Portable light towers: Light towers consist of a generator that serves as the power source and an adjustable mast that contains a group of lights. The lights can rotate 360 degrees to cover a wide area. These towers are towable, enabling you to place them at the ideal locations at your site. Models are available with mast heights up to 25 feet and higher.
  • High mast lights: A long-term construction project may require more of a "semi-permanent" lighting solution than some temporary lighting fixtures can provide. High mast light poles are available at heights up to 100 feet. The poles support a ring of four to eight lights that can cover a wide area.
  • Balloon lighting: These lights for overnight construction work feature a translucent fabric balloon that encases one or several high-intensity lamps. The upper portion of the balloon includes a reflective coating that directs the light to the site. The benefits of this type of lighting include less glare and more even distribution over a large area.
  • LED lighting: Light-emitted diode (LED) lighting is becoming an increasingly popular choice for construction companies for their nighttime operations. LED lights are more energy-efficient and have a longer lifespan than traditional lighting sources, which provides substantial cost savings. An LED lighting set is also reusable and can last up to five years in continuous use applications.
  • Nite lights: This relatively new option works well for sites that require softer lighting. A nite light consists of low-wattage metal halide lamps covered with a cloth that diffuses the light across the area. The amount of diffused light produced depends on the type of cloth fabric.

The Cat® Rental Store Has What You Need to Light Up a Job Site

The Cat® Rental Store in your area offers a huge selection of high-quality light towers for rent that's ideal for remote job sites, roadwork, special events and any other illumination need. We carry portable light towers and power generation equipment from Caterpillar and other leading manufacturers at competitive daily, weekly, monthly and long-term rates. And with our reliable service, you'll never have to worry about your lighting rentals leaving you in the dark.

Safety Tips for Light Towers

Proper planning helps you determine the type and amount of equipment you'll need to light up a job site and assist you with placement and other factors. Your plan should enable you to meet objectives such as providing the level of lighting needed to allow workers to complete their jobs safely and effectively and ensuring drivers can travel through the site without problems for nighttime highway projects.

Besides offering the best lighting for construction sites, we'll provide the expertise to help you use the equipment properly. Consider the following tips to ensure the safe operation of your light tower rentals:

  • Assess your lighting needs: No two job sites are alike, and each will have different lighting demands. Lighting that's too bright or dim can pose a safety and security hazard. Use an accurate chart as a guide when you're determining how many foot-candles you need at your site, and choose lighting equipment that will match those requirements.
  • Position towers correctly: Place the towers on flat, firm ground and away from overhead obstacles like power lines and trees. Make sure the direction in which the light shines won't impact the visibility of passing motorists. Tilting the lighting fixtures on the tower at a slight downward angle will minimize the risk to passersby and provide better illumination for workers at the site.
  • Ground them: Ground the units whenever possible to minimize electrical safety hazards. Disconnect the battery cables before working on the engine.
  • Avoid using them indoors: Many portable light towers (and generators) have engines that run on diesel fuel. Operating them indoors or in an unventilated environment increases workers' exposure to toxic exhaust fumes.
  • Refuel: For diesel-powered models, make sure the engine is turned off before filling the tank.

Does It Make Sense to Rent Lights for Overnight Construction Work?

For many construction operations, renting offers the most convenient and cost-effective solution for acquiring lighting. For example, if your company only engages in nighttime jobs occasionally, renting allows you to pay for lights only when you need them. And when you consider the differences in visibility conditions from one site to the next, using rentals makes it easier to choose specific equipment that matches a project's unique lighting requirements.

Why Choose Us for Lighting Tower Rentals?

The Cat Rental Store offers late-model lighting towers that receive regular maintenance and undergo a thorough inspection to ensure they're safe and ready to use. We'll help you select the right products that will meet your unique nighttime job site requirements. We'll also provide timely on-site maintenance and repair services.

Our team will work with you to set up a flexible rental agreement that fits your usage and budgetary requirements, and we can even train your workers to make sure they can operate the equipment efficiently and safely.

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