Benefits of Using Dehumidifiers in Construction

Benefits of Using Dehumidifiers in Construction

While moisture can be a useful tool in construction work, there are times when crews need the air to be as dry as possible. When it's time to clear the air of moisture at a job site, a dehumidifier is a must-have machine. Dehumidifiers remove moisture by using a fan to pull warm, damp air currents through their refrigerator coils, trapping condensation inside and releasing cool, dry air. With a dehumidifier at their disposal, your workers can complete jobs faster and more effectively.

When Are Dehumidifiers Necessary? 

Dehumidifiers are the most useful toward the end of commercial and residential construction projects when crews install some of the final features. These machines can ensure that your team does the job the right way on the first try. 

Tasks like adding trim, painting surfaces, hanging drywall and installing flooring require moisture-free air for the best results to ensure the materials remain firmly in place. If your workers install these features in a humid environment, some of the air's moisture will interfere with adhesives or prevent damp materials from drying. As a result, your crew members may have to double back to redo the work they already completed. 

What Are the Benefits of Dehumidifiers in Construction?

There are plenty of ways to benefit from using a dehumidifier on the job site. Actively removing moisture from the air with a dehumidifier helps ensure: 

  • Proper material installation: When your workers paint, hang drywall, install trim or add other finishing touches with a dehumidifier running, they can be sure that they've done the job well. A dehumidifier removes the variable of moisture from the equation so your crew members can trust their skills and work with greater efficiency. 
  • Improved material longevity: Setting a building's floor, trimming, drywall and other features into place in a moist environment can present issues over time. Many materials, especially wood, adjust to their environment after installation. A building's features will expand, shrink, shift or crack as the climate changes. It's best to install wood in a dry environment when it's at its most compact so it doesn't shrink and fall out of place. 
  • A fresher work environment: Dehumidifiers also provide physical and health benefits for workers. Moist environments are more likely to produce contaminants like mold and mildew that make breathing more difficult. A dehumidifier is a cost-effective way to ensure fresh, breathable air for your crew members as they work. 

How to Find the Right Dehumidifier for Your Construction Company

Numerous manufacturers produce dehumidifiers with varying levels of power and functionality. Some models may offer more power than you need, while others may not feature enough. Plus, many contractors take on jobs of all sizes. To find the best humidifier for your situation, consider choosing a rental unit from a reputable manufacturer. When you rent a dehumidifier, you'll save on upfront costs while having the freedom to try different models for different jobs. 

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