What Equipment Do You Need for a Demolition Project?

Construction crews require reliable equipment to perform demolitions safely. Whether your business is expanding or you're exploring new opportunities, it is essential to have a fleet that will perform day in and day out. There are numerous types of demolition equipment you can use to get the job done, but understanding the varieties available on the market helps you select the appropriate machines for any assignment.

Below are some of the most common tools and equipment used in demolition work:

Backhoe Loaders

Backhoe loaders resemble traditional tractors in the body, but include a front-facing loader bucket and an articulating arm at the rear. A well-made backhoe loader enables workers to navigate rough terrain, as the tractor bodies have treaded rubber tires capable of riding over divots, dirt and grass.

Backhoe loaders provide users with two resources in one. You can utilize the jointed backhoe arm and an attachment to dig through the earth or relocate loose materials, while the included loader bucket is excellent for hauling scraps of wood and debris away from the work site.


Bulldozers, or "dozers," come in different sizes to support small- and large-scale demolition jobs. These machines are available with numerous horsepower ranges to drive through nearly anything in their path. Dozers have an angled blade attached to their fronts to clear everything from metal and wood to pieces of concrete to create a clean, level surface.

Hydraulic Excavators

Excavators keep crews efficient thanks to an adjustable, articulating arm that can be used for digging, earthmoving and trenching. Hydraulic excavators generally have tracks for stability on uneven surfaces. Construction professionals can use these capable machines to rapidly demolish a structure or remove forestry. The bucket attachment works well for moving earth or loose debris, and many excavators also support attachments such as thumbs or grapples for a better grip on unwieldy materials.

Compact Track Loaders

Compact track loaders are highly effective in carrying debris from one place to another. As the name implies, these machines have a small footprint for users to maneuver through tight work zones. This type of demolition equipment offers exceptional visibility, and machine operators can drive over sand, wet dirt and mud without getting stuck.

Articulated Trucks and Dump Trucks

Crews performing demolitions need a place to drop materials. Articulated trucks have a secure bed for holding plumbing pipes, tree branches, support beams, rocks and anything else you might encounter after tearing down a structure. With their segmented build allowing them to maneuver in constricted areas, these trucks enable you to move in and out of a busy site to relocate scraps.

For larger assignments, dump trucks might be necessary to transport recyclables and loose materials. These heavy-duty vehicles let you empty heavy loads with automatic controls to save yourself hours of manual labor.

Equipment Attachments for Demolition

The following attachments work with various Cat® machines to improve your job site productivity: 


Hammers are powerful enough to break up blocks of brick and concrete with ease. Our breaker hammers work with many Cat machines, meaning you can quickly transform your existing equipment into a robust demolition tool just by renting a breaker hammer. Our line of rental hammer attachments is ideal for use in construction, demolition and quarry projects. 


Cat grapple attachments transform your excavator into a piece of equipment that goes beyond giving you unmatched digging power. Our grapple attachments give you versatile options in the demolition field and can perform jobs such as moving loose material, sorting trash and quickly cleaning up your site. With just a rented grapple, you can transform your excavator into the perfect tool for increasing demolition cleanup and productivity. Caterpillar manufactures forest machine grapples, contractors' grapples, orange peel grapples and trash grapples.


Shear attachments are designed to let you easily cut through even the toughest materials on your demolition site. Cat shear attachments are built for your toughest projects and have the strength and speed to cut through almost anything, including support beams. We have straight, boom-mounted, rotating and stick-mounted configurations available.

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