New Developments in Green Construction

More builders are adopting environmentally friendly design and construction practices. In particular, there is a focus on green construction, which considers factors such as water and energy use, indoor environmental quality and the effect that the structure will have on the building site.

The benefits of green building include increased energy, water and air efficiency, improved air quality, reduced demand on local natural resources and better health for the building's occupants.

Top Nine Latest Green Building Trends

Green construction continues to evolve. Some of the most recent developments in this rapidly changing industry are:

  1. Relying on renewable energy: Builders continue to incorporate wind, solar and geothermal power into their designs as a substitute for traditional energy sources. This is especially the case as the cost of renewable energy decreases, and even becomes cheaper than fossil fuels in many cases.
  2. Zero net energy building: A zero-energy structure is one where the amount of renewable energy it consumes equals the amount generated on-site each year.
  3. Biomimicry: This term refers to the development of building designs and concepts based on nature. One example is the use of an amino acid produced by the blue mussel mollusk to manufacture a volatile organic compound (VOC)-free adhesive to make plywood building products.
  4. Climate change-resistant buildings: More builders are designing structures that can withstand extreme weather patterns.
  5. Use of alternative construction materials: Building designers are integrating more green construction materials into their designs, such as recycled plastic and bamboo.
  6. Smart buildings: A smart building uses automation to control systems such as lighting, heating and cooling, ventilation and security. These structures are more energy-efficient and have less of an environmental impact.
  7. Low-emitting windows: These windows feature glass coated with a metallic oxide material that blocks the sun's rays during the summer and prevents heat from escaping in winter.
  8. Cool roofs: A cool roof consists of specially designed tiles and reflective paints that minimize the heat island effect in urban structures. These buildings will stay cooler in the summer months.
  9. Water conservation: More designers are using water-saving plumbing fixtures like waterless urinals, low-flow showerheads and ultra-low-flow toilets.

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