How Digital Technology Has Affected the Construction Equipment Industry

The world of construction is constantly evolving. The ways teams operated 10 years ago are already different from how professionals complete assignments in the modern era. The integration of technology within power tools and heavy machines reduces the need for physical labor and makes it easier for users to finish tasks safely.

Has digital technology changed the construction industry forever? The short answer to this question is yes, and from multiple angles.

Impacts of Digital Technology on Construction Procedures

Not long ago, construction teams had few choices but to hammer, drill and clear sites by hand. Digital technology has slowly made its way into heavy equipment, and manufacturers adopt additional features with each new model release. The goal behind this transition is to create machines that increase safety and provide users the convenience of automatic settings to boost efficiency on site.

Digital technology has altered the construction industry in the following ways:

  • Training: Virtual reality makes it possible for employees to work within a simulation before climbing into actual construction machines.
  • Digital sensors: Modern equipment communicates information to the user. You can note engine temperatures, fluid levels and your proximity to nearby objects.
  • Automation: Some equipment manufacturers choose to incorporate features such as remote-control options and GPS location technology so machines can run independently.

Contributing to a Safer Work Site

The main force behind technology in the construction industry is to create safer work environments for crews. Smarter machines make it possible to detect structures, nearby employees and changes in terrain. Some industry leaders such as Caterpillar have begun including backup camera displays in select models for improving visibility.

Automation capabilities create exciting opportunities for construction equipment manufacturers. In years to come, contractors could have excavators, skid steer loaders and dozers that can be driven remotely, removing equipment operators from hazardous environments altogether.

Overcoming the Learning Curve

Project managers and equipment operators must stay up to date with digital advancements in construction, as those hesitant to adopt changes could find themselves falling behind the competition. The only real drawback to digital technology in the construction industry is that it is the responsibility of businesses to ensure employees have adequate training.

Smartphones and tablets are becoming essential devices for the 21st century toolbelt. From logging hours and maintenance schedules on mobile apps to renting equipment, digital technology helps decision-makers stay in the know and acquire the resources necessary for success.

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