The Correct Way to Drive in a Construction Zone

Road construction is essential to keeping our roads and highways in good condition, and bringing these projects to a safe, successful conclusion requires everyone to pay attention. If you are driving in a construction zone, there are several steps you should take to minimize the risk of traffic accidents. Follow these construction zone driving rules to keep everyone safe:

1. Plan Ahead

Research your route before you leave to prepare for any work zones along the way. If possible, avoid construction zones and use marked detours.

2. Pay Attention

Once you reach the work zone, it's crucial to stay alert and focused as you drive through it. Pay close attention to signage, which provides vital driving directions such as lane changes and speed reductions. It's also essential to minimize distractions. Keep your full concentration on the road by:

  • Turning your radio down or off. 
  • Ending phone calls or pausing your conversation with passengers.
  • Refraining from eating or drinking.

3. Slow Down

There are many variables to account for when driving through a construction zone, from lane closures to traffic pattern shifts to worker activity. By reducing your driving speed, you'll be able to react to these variables more safely, reducing the risk of accidents. You should also be prepared to stop at any moment and give workers plenty of room. 

4. Merge Promptly

When you approach a lane closure, merge carefully into the open lane as soon as possible, checking for any cars in your blind spots. If you wait until the lane comes to an end and force your way over, you put everyone's safety at risk. 

5. Keep Your Distance

The most common types of accidents in a construction zone are rear-end crashes. That's why it's best to allow extra space between you and the car in front of you, giving you more time to stop or react safely. If you are near a bus or truck, give them extra room and never try to cut them off, as large vehicles have significant blind spots.

It's also important to keep your distance from any construction equipment. If there is a piece of equipment in your path, allow plenty of space between it and your car.

6. Follow Instructions From Flaggers

Construction zone workers who direct traffic with gestures, flags or signs are known as flaggers. When you see a flagger, obey all their instructions. You should assume that their instructions overrule any other traffic signals or signs. Keep in mind that their directions may not align with normal traffic patterns.

7. Be Aware of Workers

Be on the lookout for construction zone workers at all times. Even if you don't see them right away, they could be just ahead or off to the side. Obeying all posted speed limits and signs will help keep workers safe whether they're on the roadside or hidden from view.

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