Six Best Equipment Attachments for Winter

Removing snow quickly and efficiently presents a significant challenge in many areas of the U.S. and around the world. It takes specialized tools to get rid of snow and keep roadways, parking lots and other paved surfaces clear and passable. As snow removal is a seasonal task, renting this equipment is often the most cost-effective business strategy.

Are you a landscaping professional looking to earn some extra income during winter? Or a facility maintenance manager in charge of keeping roadways or parking lots clear? One of the benefits of renting construction machines like skid steersbackhoes and wheel loaders is their versatility. In addition to using them for earthmoving tasks, they're excellent for snow removal — assuming you equip them with the right work tool attachment rentals.


Using the following attachments with your machines can transform them into versatile, agile snow-removing powerhouses:

  • Brooms: Hydraulic brooms are effective to clear accumulations of up to 2 inches. While they're ideal for managing these lighter snowfalls, brooms are less efficient when removing heavy or wet snow. Keep in mind that they may not provide enough control for you to place the snow in designated areas. 
  • Buckets: A bucket attachment offers a cost-effective solution when you don't need to remove massive piles of snow. Buckets work well when you have access to dump trucks where you can load the snow for transport. 
  • Blades: Angle blades are ideal for various snow removal applications. Smaller blades work well for clearing driveways and sidewalks, while larger models can handle roadways and more expansive open areas. 
  • Pushes: Snow pushes can capture, contain and displace large volumes of snow in a single pass. They feature a box-like design that moves snow by pushing it straight ahead. Typical applications include roads, parking lots, runways and other paved surfaces.
  • Plows: snow plow attachment uses a windrowing action to remove snow from roadways and other surfaces. It features two cutting edges that penetrate the snow as the blade follows the contours of the surface. 
  • Blowers: Snowblowers work by gathering and throwing snow from paved surfaces. They give the machine operator the flexibility to deflect the snow straight ahead or off to one side. 

What Should I Consider When Choosing Snow Attachments for My Equipment?

Now that you're familiar with the six best equipment attachments for winter, it's time to choose the one that works best for you. Though any of these attachments would work well for snow removal purposes, some may generate a better result than others depending on your resources and objectives. With the right combination of attachment and machine, you can perform winter projects with the highest performance and efficiency possible.

Before investing in snow attachments for your machines, think about the following considerations to determine which work tool will serve you most effectively.

Project Type

First and foremost, you should think about the type of snow removal project you're going to undertake and what attachments would be most compatible with that application. For example, suppose you're handling a fast-paced snow removal job at a busy, high-traffic site with a significant risk of slips and falls, such as a hospital or retail facility. In this case, a broom might be a viable option due to its ability to clear snow as soon as it lands.

You should also consider what you'll be doing with the snow. Will you be pushing it off of a road? Loading it into a truck? Dumping it in a different location? Whatever action you'll be performing, it's essential that your attachment serves your purposes.

Site Characteristics

You'll need to consider the physical aspects of your job site to determine which winter attachment will work best for you. If you're removing snow from a larger area, you might want to use an attachment that's suitable for clearing more sizeable spaces, such as a blade or push. On the other hand, a bucket may be better for smaller sites requiring more precise placement of the snow you pick up.

You should also consider what type of surface you'll be working on during your snow removal job. For instance, blowers, pushes and blades are ideal for driveways, parking lots and sidewalks, while plows are better suited for roadways.

Machine Use

All machines are different, which is why the type of equipment you plan to use during your winter project should influence what attachment you choose. Think about whether you're using a skid steer, compact track loader, wheel loader or another type of machine. Then, consider the following characteristics of your equipment:

  • Physical size
  • Horsepower
  • Weight capacity
  • Configuration

Which snow attachments best accommodate these attributes? Will the style you're considering generate the highest performance for your machine? These are some of the things you should think about when choosing a work tool.

Snow Conditions

Another important factor in selecting an attachment is the amount of snow you'll be handling on the job site. Some types are better suited for moving smaller piles of snow, while others exhibit high efficiency when dealing with larger quantities. For example, buckets and brooms are good choices for managing smaller snow piles, while pushes and blades are better for larger amounts.

Available Budget 

The last thing to consider before picking a snow attachment is how much money your company can afford to spend. All attachments vary in price, which means you should choose one that fits within your budget.

Because snow-related projects are seasonal, renting snow attachments instead of buying them is often the most cost-effective option for companies looking to minimize their spending.


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