Heavy Equipment for Dam Construction

Heavy Equipment for Dam Construction

Since there are so many dam types, you might need several types of heavy machinery. There are three main pieces of equipment you will need for dam construction. 

No matter what machines you need during the dam construction process, renting from The Cat® Rental Store can meet your needs and help you complete the job effectively.

What Is a Dam?

Dams are an essential system used by communities worldwide. They store water in a specialized location, which is helpful for water supply. Dams also play a role in flood prevention, and they can make reservoirs, create hydroelectricity and act as a shipping channel.

Types of Dams

There are several dam types you might be working on. Some of these include:

  • Arch dam: These dams are curved upstream to distribute the load to the abutments.
  • Diversion dam: This type of dam is purposely built to divert water to a different path.
  • Embankment dam: These dams are made from natural or industrial waste materials. There are three main types  earth dams, hydraulic fill dams and rockfill dams.
  • Gravity dam: These are dams built from concrete or masonry materials. A combination of its weight and strength is what makes it stable.
  • Debris dam: This dam is designed to catch debris in rivers. It will contain the debris on the upper side, leaving all the water that passes through free of large materials, such as tree branches or gravel.
  • Overflow or spillway dam: These dams retain water unless there is a surplus. When there is excess water, it can flow over the dam's crest.

3 Types of Machinery Used in Dam Construction

While you can use several types of equipment for dam building, these three main heavy machines are standard.

1. Excavators

When building a dam at a river, the first step is to divert the water. To accomplish this feat, construction workers need to use an excavator to dig at the ground and create a new path for the water to flow. Then, the excavator is useful for excavating the original location before building the dam. 

Excavators are among the top machines for performing earthmoving work, making them a good choice for dam building. You can choose between track or wheeled options to match whatever best fits your job.

At The Cat Rental Store, you can find numerous excavators. Our teams have several available for rent, including:

  • 308D CR SB: This mini excavator can deliver maximum power in a compact size. The cab is comfortable, and the controls are operator-friendly.
  • 335F L: This excavator is hydraulic in a medium size. The features are easy to use, and the excavator comes with advanced safety protocols.
  • 390 F L: This one is a Long Reach excavator, capable of helping you finish embankments, dredging underneath the water and completing more extreme digging applications.

2. Loaders

After excavation, you will need a loader to remove the debris. Wheel loaders are a popular tool for clearing debris because they are extremely versatile. You can outfit them with various attachments to increase their functionality. The front bucket will allow you to transport several types of materials from the dam construction site.

Dealers have several loaders available to rent, such as:

  • 980M: The medium wheel loader is durable and versatile. The cab provides straightforward controls and extended visibility, and the engine allows the 980M to perform at maximum capacity for enhanced performance.
  • 993K: The large wheel loader is built to work in even the most demanding conditions.

3. Compactors

Compactors can help you smooth out the ground in all the right places so dam construction can begin. Compactors are available in numerous variations to fit your application's unique specifications. There are also ride-on and walk-behind compactors.

Several compactors are available for rent throughout The Cat Rental Store dealer network. Some of the compactors in our inventory include:

  • CD8: This compactor has 1500 millimeter drums with exceptional power and user-friendly controls.
  • CW34: This pneumatic compactor has eight wheels and provides advanced compaction for numerous material types.

We also have plate compactors and walk-on and ride-behind rollers.

Rent Dam Building Equipment From The Cat® Rental Store Today

When you shop with dealers from The Cat Rental Store network, you can get all the construction equipment you need for dam construction. No matter what type of dam you are building, The Cat Rental Store has the loaders, excavators and compactors suitable for the job. Browse our equipment online or call 1-800-RENT-CAT to rent whatever you need from people who do whatever it takes to help you get the job done.

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