12 Types of Rental Equipment for Spring Cleanup

12 Types of Rental Equipment for Spring Cleanup

Going from winter to spring is a relief to many, especially because it allows you to work on spring cleanup. Fix the landscaping, home and building dirt and dust winter leaves behind to prepare for the bustling spring and summer months ahead. Dealers throughout The Cat® Rental Store network carry numerous types of equipment for spring cleanup.

1. Pressure Washers

As winter shifts into spring, you'll likely start to notice some buildup on the outside of your home, driveway or porch. Anything from dirt to mildew can begin to form on these parts of your home. However, you can use a cold-water pressure washer to help remove the buildup from these areas and start the season off fresh.

2. Lifts

For hard-to-reach areas of your home, you can rent a boom lift to ensure your safety as you clean and repair rooftops or gutters. Stand safely on the platform as you work at different elevations.

3. Brush Chippers

If you have brush growing on your property, spring is the ideal time to clean it up. Use a brush chipper to cut branches, overgrowth, tree limbs and other debris into small woodchips. You can even use the final product of everything you cut up as mulch.

4. Skid Steer

Using a mini skid steer at your property can help you with numerous tasks. Skid steers are some of the most versatile machines available. Whether you need to transport materials, dig or carry debris away from specific areas, a skid steer loader can help. Our mini skid steer rentals are a great choice for moving brush and logs and completing other landscaping projects.

5. Tillers

The beginning of spring means it's time to prepare your property for landscaping measures. Whether you are preparing to arrange flower beds or whole gardens, a tiller is a valuable tool. The Cat Rental Store dealers carry tiller attachments for both aerating and planting new soil. Mix soil efficiently using a tiller attachment.

6. Landscape Rakes

After winter, your property might be covered with debris and other unwanted materials. You can use a landscape rake attachment to clear this debris during your spring cleanup. Rent a landscape rake to clean your property efficiently. Depending on the size of your property, a landscape rake can help speed the debris-collecting process along instead of using a hand rake.

7. Walk-Behind Trencher

Walk-behind trenches can also assist you with lawn preparation. It is durable digging equipment you can use near fences for numerous applications. Walk-behind trenchers are beneficial when installing an irrigation system, lighting, fencing and prune tree roots.

8. Stump Grinder

If you have tree stumps and roots on your property, the stump grinder is another efficient tool for their removal. This equipment is an effective way to quickly get rid of these old items sitting on your property. You can use stump grinders to remove the tree parts and cut them into smaller pieces.

9. Augers

Augers are another tool you can use to dig holes. If you are taking advantage of the springtime to install signs or fencing on your property, an auger is what you need. These attachments can help you dig the right size hole for posts, fencing and footings.

10. Mulchers

Mulchers allow you to cut and chop up any unwanted vegetation. If you pruned other parts of your landscape and want to mulch it up, try one of these. You can also use a mulcher for land reclamation and brush clearing if you have overgrown areas you want to start working with during the spring.

11. Backhoe Loaders

Backhoe loaders are multifunctional machines you can use in several applications throughout your spring cleanup. They are compatible with numerous attachments, making them one of the most valuable machines you can have for cleanup efforts. You can do everything from moving materials like soil to pushing earth with a backhoe loader.

12. Excavators

Renting an excavator is useful for spring cleanup in multiple ways. These machines are compatible with several attachments, enhancing their versatility and efficiency. Use a mini or small excavator to dig or trench throughout a residential property.

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